Course Evaluations in Canvas

Course evaluations are integrated within Canvas for both faculty and students. Starting in 2022, MiraCosta uses EvaluationKIT (rather than the previous system, Class Climate) to provide this function. When you have a course section that is part of your evaluation process, this page has information to help you ensure it goes smoothly.

Information to share with your students

These directions are for the SURF enrolled students within your course.

Students can access the course evaluation within Canvas, or through an email sent to them from MiraCosta’s course evaluation survey administrator. Provide the link below to your students to help them with the evaluation process in Canvas.

Students must have cookies and pop ups enabled within their browser for the course evaluation tool to work correctly.

Advise students to contact the Student Help Desk if they need assistance with course evaluations. The phone # is (760)-795-6655 or they can Chat Live with a Student Help Desk Technician.

*Note for Instructors: The Student Course Evaluations menu item will NOT work with your Faculty Canvas Sample Student account, or the Instructor’s Student View in Canvas, as those accounts are not SURF enrolled users within your course.

Information for Faculty

As an instructor, you can view your course evaluation surveys from the course navigation menu or from the To Do list within your course. It is important to have the EvaluationKIT Course menu navigation tool available in Canvas in order to show the ‘Instructor Course Evaluations’ navigation menu item. Even if this tool is available in Settings > Navigation, this tool will only show up in your course if there is a course survey associated with your course.

If you modified your course navigation menu, you may have hidden the EvaluationKIT Course menu navigation tool. If you are being evaluated, you must enable the EvaluationKIT Course menu navigation tool so that you will see the navigation menu item ‘Instructor Course Evaluations‘, and your students will see the ‘Student Course Evaluations‘ navigation menu item.

Instructor Navigation Menu

If you have not made any changes to your course navigation menu, this is the default location for the EvaluationKIT course surveys. Remember, this tool will only display if you have a course survey associated with your course. The navigation menu item is displayed as ‘Instructor Course Evaluations‘ in the instructor view.

Default location of 
Instructor Course Evaluations 
in the Canvas course navigation menu

This tool will only display if you have a course survey associated with your course.

Instructor To Do List

On the To Do list within a Canvas course, you can also view your course evaluation survey. In this area you can view the percentage of students who have responded, as well as the start and end date of your course evaluation survey.

NOTE: Courses with a 1/1/3000 date on the Course Evaluation Survey are NOT being evaluated in the current semester.

Course evaluation surveys are located here on the Canvas course To Do list with % responded and start and end dates.

NOTE: Courses with the 1/1/3000 date are NOT being surveyed this semester.

Enabling the EvaluationKIT Course Navigation Menu Tool

If you edited your Canvas course navigation menu, and your course is being evaluated, you may need to add the EvaluationKIT Course navigation tool back to your Canvas course. This is necessary so that you and your students will be able to access your course evaluations in the Canvas course navigation menu.

  1. Click on Settings. You will find this as the last option on your course navigation menu.
  2. Click the Navigation tab.
  3. Find the EvaluationKIT Course option in the bottom list of hidden navigation items.
  4. Drag EvaluationKIT Course from the bottom list to the top list of available items.
  5. Click the Save button
Steps 1-4
Step 5

Questions about Course Evaluations

For questions about student surveys and/or the Course Evaluations & Surveys system, associate faculty should contact their school’s Academic Division Administrative Assistant. Full-time faculty should contact human resources at

If you are having a computer specific issue with a MCC computer contact the campus Employee Help Desk at (760) 795-6850 or Chat with the Employee Help Desk online.

Online Ed News You Can Use Spring ’22

One month to go and so much to do! Sorry for another email, but there’s some good stuff here! I’ve tried to keep it brief – please take a quick look…

Fall Schedule Released in SURF, which means …

Professional Learning Opportunities related to online teaching

Canvas Improvement Voting

Canvas users can influence Canvas development through Idea Conversations in the Canvas Community. The CVC has curated a set of links to ideas reflecting input from Canvas users throughout California’s community colleges. Please take a few moments to review these ideas and cast your votes (the linked document includes voting instructions).

Internationalize Your Course, Virtually!

Have your students learn together with students abroad, creating a Virtual International Exchange (VIE). In a VIE, students can study, discuss, or create a project with students from another country. It is an experience that greatly enriches the learning process. If you are interested, the International Education Committee can help you with finding a partner and support you in communicating with faculty abroad, creating and implementing the project, and much more! This is applicable to any discipline. It is possible to work with every part of the world. To learn more, explore the local VIE site, and/or contact Andrea Petri ( with any questions you may have.

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education

C3-2-1 Newsletter – Spring 2022 Week 11!

Did you miss the last meet up of the Podcast Club? Join us next week (Thursday, April 21st at 3pm) via Zoom as we discuss the Worst.Year.Ever. Spoiler: It’s not 2020, 2021, or 2022.

These weekly newsletters feature 3 resources related to teaching and learning, 2 online tips and tricks, and 1 question for reflection.

C321 Newsletter

(3) Resources

  1. Check out California Humanities’ Best Practices for Increasing Accessibility webinar to help make public humanities programs more accessible to people of all abilities. It’s today at 4pm!
  2. California Virtual Campus (CVC) has some interesting workshops on their Events Calendar – some are geared specifically toward Math and English teaching. And, if you missed out on any of the events they hosted, they have an archive on their YouTube channel.
  3. Are you thinking or wondering about trends in higher education? Educause has a “7 Things You Should Know About…” series that gives a nice overview about topics such as: HyFlex ClassroomsDigital DivideVirtual Labs.

(2) Tips & Tricks

  1. Did you know you can set up Canvas to automatically reach out to students who haven’t completed assignments yet? Learn how to “Message students who…”
  2. We all make mistakes – and that is true even in Canvas. Good news! You can Undelete in Canvas, and you can also view and select older edits of a page using View Page History.

(1) Question

  1. What are you excited to learn about before the end of Spring 2022?

Looking for archived resources, tips/tricks, and questions?

Revisit the past editions of the C3-2-1 Newsletter.

Ready to Ruminate,

Lauren McFall
Interim Joyful Teacher in Residence/
Coordinator of the C3 Teaching and Learning Center
Web Services + Emerging Technology Librarian

C3 Teaching and Learning Center

Let’s Connect: C3 introduces Podcast Club

Podcast Club. Discuss your favorite podcasts with your (soon-to-be) favorite colleagues.  Listening is optional. Discussing is fun!

Connect with your colleagues in this fun new way – Podcast Club! We’ll take our favorite podcasts, listen to them in our own time, and then come together collectively to discuss.

When: Discuss on March 3rd at 3pm

Where: Zoom

What: This American Life: Three Miles
Description: There’s a program that brings together kids from two schools. One school is public and in the country’s poorest congressional district. The other is private and costs $43,000/year. They are three miles apart. The hope is that kids connect, but some of the public school kids just can’t get over the divide. We hear what happens when you get to see the other side.

Listening is optional. There are many ways this podcast connects with our diverse student body and what we do as teachers to facilitate their learning and growth.

Can’t make it, but want to suggest a podcast? Add to the Google Doc

Want to suggest another day or time? Just reply to this email with your availability.

Faculty Support for In-Person Instruction

Hello Faculty,

After almost two long years, many of us will be returning to campus in some capacity starting the week of February 22nd. There are some fantastic resources available in this email to help faculty prepare for in-person instruction for next week. In addition, PDP + C3 are working together to provide:

  • Drop-In Zoom support for Faculty who are returning to campus
  • In-person tours and C3 meet ups

Resources for Returning to Campus

Start here to learn about returning to campus.

  • Teaching in Person: Lessons from Fall 2021 – Watch the Zoom Recording
    Taya Lazootin, Lynne Miller, Jim Sullivan, curry mitchell, dara, Robert Perry provide helpful classroom tips.
  • Return to Campus Instruction – Information for Faculty – Watch the Zoom Recording (start around 15 min mark)
    Jonathan Fohrman, Nick Mortaloni, Al Taccone, Wendy Stewart, Freddy Ramirez provide procedural information about returning to campus.
  • Return to Campus website for Employees

Faculty Support Drop-In over Zoom

First time on campus? Or, even your first time on campus in two years?

C3 Meet Up

Did you know the C3 Teaching + Learning Center is available 24/7 to all faculty?
In addition, you can stop by the C3 space February 22nd, 23rd, or 24th anytime between 11am-1pm. Lauren will be there with snacks and a masked smile 😊 I hope you’ll stop by and get a chance to connect with other faculty in person, even for a moment.

Wishing you a great return to campus!

Lauren McFall, Denise Stephenson, Lynne Miller, and dara

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