Turnitin logoTurnitin is a cloud-based service for originality checking, online grading and peer review that saves instructors time and provides rich feedback to students. Turnitin is used to support the submission, tracking, plagiarism prevention, and evaluation of student work online.

    Turnitin is available in CanvasBlackboard, & Moodle. MiraCosta College has an unlimited license to Turnitin, GradeMark, and Peer Review for all courses.

    MiraCosta College is transitioning from Blackboard and Moodle to Canvas. Starting in summer 2018, Canvas will be the sole supported course management system for MiraCosta classes. If you are interested, see the details on the spring 2016 process that led to the selection of Canvas. Also view additional Canvas Information and Resources.

    Turnitin Status Updates & Support

    Check below if you are experiencing Turnitin errors – often these are due to issues with the entire Turnitin service and are not something we control locally.

    Turnitin has several support services for your questions or problems:

    Canvas CMS integration with Turnitin

    Turnitin is available within the MCC Canvas CMS. The following guides will assist with creating and managing a Turnitin assignment in Canvas.

    Plagiarism Prevention & Student Intellectual Property

    MiraCosta faculty using Turnitin for plagiarism prevention should be aware of these key points from MiraCosta’s administrative procedure on intellectual property:

    When an instructor makes use of software that incorporates student works into its database, as is common with plagiarism-prevention software, the use should be governed by the following guidelines:

    –  Student work may not be submitted to plagiarism-prevention software or other software that incorporates a student’s work into its database without the student’s knowledge.
    –  Students should be informed in the syllabus that such software is used in the course and that the software incorporates any student work submitted into its database.
    –  Students should be given alternatives, such as requiring students who do not submit their work to plagiarism-prevention software, to document their references using an annotated bibliography and/or photocopies of the first page of all sources used and/or to write a brief paper describing their research methodologies.

    Professional Development – Learn more about Turnitin

    Professional development opportunities are available from Turnitin: