• Try these 10 things to fix your computer problem before you call support

    Troubleshooting computer problems is part of modern life when you teach online. Before you make that support call, try your hand at fixing some of the most

  • Add a TA or other MCC Employee to Blackboard
    A+ Teacher's Aide

    As an instructor you can add a TA or other MiraCosta College Employee to your Blackboard course.
    DO NOT add students that will be

  • Mar-Apr 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Canvas Learning Opportunities
    As you’re hopefully aware, MiraCosta is transitioning to the Canvas course management system. Keep an eye on the TIC Canvas page

  • Feb-Mar 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Canvas Transition and Upcoming Online Mini-Course
    As you likely know, MiraCosta has begun its transition to Canvas, which will be complete in summer 2018

  • Canvas Scheduler to Manage Appointments
    Canvas Logo

    The Canvas Calendar allows students to schedule appointments within defined time periods. Scenarios can range from individual students choosing a time to meet in your

  • Canvas Student View vs MCC’s Sample Student Account
    Canvas Logo

    This site explains the difference between the Canvas student view tool and MiraCosta College’s sample student account.
    Canvas Student View
    You can view a

  • Changing Your Sample Student Account Password
    Enter your sample student SURF ID

    The following steps will to assist you with changing your sample student account password.  Your password is reset two times a year at the same time

  • MiraCosta Canvas Updates for Canvas Instructors Spring 2017

    Hello! You are among over 130 faculty who have published courses in MiraCosta’s Canvas system. I hope the semester is starting well for you

  • How to Restrict Student to Student Email within Blackboard
    Bb Mobile Learn

    By default, all options within the Send Email tool are open to faculty and students enrolled in a Blackboard course.
    To restrict student to student

  • Export/Import Course Content within Blackboard
    Bb Mobile Learn

    This page details how to copy course content from Summer 2015 or later Blackboard courses to a new course on Blackboard.
    To copy courses within the Blackboard system, follow the directions below.

  • Dec. 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Can you believe the semester is almost over?
    Spring Classes – Blackboard & Canvas
    All spring classes are available to faculty now in both Blackboard and Canvas.

  • December & Flex Week Canvas workshops
    Canvas Logo

    The Canvas faculty Transition Team is offering three more Canvas workshops before break. Sign up for these via MyFlex:
    Workshop: All Hands on

  • Canvas Workshops in December
    Canvas Logo

    The Canvas faculty Transition Team is offering several Canvas workshops in December. Sign up for these via MyFlex:
    Workshop: All Hands on Canvas

  • Embedding Google Docs in Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    If you are embedding a Google doc for content purposes (ie you aren’t having students edit the document), I recommend the trick of replacing

  • Canvas workshops this Friday 11/18/2016
    Canvas Logo

    Two Canvas workshops will be offered this Friday, November 18, 2016. Sign up for these via MyFlex:
    From Blackboard to Canvas: Preview and Q&A

  • Canvas now open to all MiraCosta faculty
    Canvas Logo

    All spring 2017 classes are available to faculty now in both Blackboard and Canvas. MiraCosta will support Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas through spring of 2018,

  • Nov. 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Spring Classes – Blackboard & Canvas
    All spring classes are available to faculty now in Blackboard, and will also be in Canvas within the next few

  • Oct 2016 Update: Export / Import for Blackboard Courses from Spring 2015 and earlier
    Bb Mobile Learn

    As of October 31, 2016, the Bb Archive server is no longer accessible to faculty. If you are looking for a Blackboard course from Spring

  • Filtering Canvas Grades to Only Show SURF Enrolled Students
    Canvas Logo

    By default the Grades tool will display all users in the roles Student, Sample Student, Tutor, Evaluator, and WC SI Leader in your Canvas course. This

  • Blackboard Quiz/Test Issue
    Bb Mobile Learn

    As midterms get started we’ve just discovered a new bug in Blackboard. When students are taking a quiz/test based in Blackboard:

    which includes at least

  • Filtering your Roster List by Role in Canvas People
    Canvas Logo

    By default the People tool will display all users enrolled in your Canvas course. You can filter the users by role to obtain the

  • Blackboard Discussion Board Issue & Fix
    Bb Mobile Learn

    The Blackboard system update on 9/25/16 (required for system security) introduced a bug within the discussion board tool.
    Discussion boards which are set to Unavailable

  • Sept/Oct 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Happy fall!
    Canvas Transition Update
    MiraCosta’s two-year transition to Canvas is off to a good start with about 20 classes piloting it this fall.

  • Validate your course links in Canvas
    Canvas LMS Logo

    It is important to verify that all links are working throughout a course. The course link validator tool can help make this task easy for faculty

  • What are the different assignment submission types in Canvas?
    Canvas LMS Logo

    As the instructor, you can decide what kinds of submissions are acceptable. You may allow students to:

    No Submission: Assignments can be created that have

  • Back-to-School Online Ed News You Can Use
    Back to School

    Welcome back! Please review the important information below about online learning resources for you and your students.
    Common Blackboard Tasks – Reminder
    See our reminder videos

  • Message to Summer and Fall DE Instructors
    Green Circle

    Hello – as an instructor of a summer and/or fall online/hybrid class at MiraCosta, the following information and action items are especially for you.

  • Bb Collaborate Ultra Experience in Blackboard Learn
    CCC Confer Logo

    Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Collaborate with

  • Accessible Narrated Streaming PowerPoint Presentations
    3C Media Solutions Logo

    Microsoft PowerPoint is a common teaching tool that many instructors use to present course materials. In order to use these presentations within an online

  • MiraCosta transitioning to Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    As you have likely heard, MiraCosta College will be transitioning to the Canvas course management system over the next two years. This decision

  • Rearrange the my Courses Module Display
    Blackboard Logo

    You can rearrange the my Courses module by Term to group all courses by term first and then by course  Or, you can rearrange the courses in

  • Getting Started with Blackboard
    Blackboard Logo

    Here are a few websites to help you get started teaching with Blackboard at MiraCosta College.

    How to Log On
    Blackboard is located at: https://blackboard.miracosta.edu

  • April Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Welcome back!
    Course Management System Evaluation – STILL TIME FOR YOU TO PROVIDE INPUT!
    Thanks to all who have responded to the CMS evaluation survey to

  • March Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Course Management System Evaluation Update
    The task force of faculty, staff, students, and administrators is working hard on this, and March will be a

  • New Year 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Spring Student Orientations to Online Learning
    I will offer ten online learning orientation sessions this spring, starting on Tuesday 1/27. Please share the schedule with your online/hybrid

  • Make your Blackboard Course Available or Unavailable
    Bb Mobile Learn

    A Blackboard course must be made available before students enrolled in the course will be able to view or access the course and its

  • Record from Webcam: End of Support for YouTube Webcam Recording
    YouTube logo

    Video Everywhere in Blackboard
    Bulletin/Advisory Information:
    Google has announced that the webcam capture feature will not be available on YouTube after January 16, 2016. 

  • Assigning Extra Credit in the Blackboard Grade Center
    Bb Mobile Learn

    CMET Consulting has an excellent video on adding extra credit in the Blackboard Grade Center.

    Adding extra credit using unweighted total (i.e. straight points).

  • TechSmith Relay: Chrome Web Browser Warning
    Techsmith Relay Logo

    TechSmith Relay requires the Silverlight plugin within your browser for captioning and proper video encoding.   The Chrome web browser on both the MAC and

  • TechSmith Relay: YouTube Video Captioning Alert
    Techsmith Relay Logo

    It has come to our attention that videos that were captioned with TechSmith Relay and published through the profile ‘Caption and Publish to YouTube.com

  • Course Management System Semester-End Tasks
    Round icon graphic displaying computers, phones, and tablets

    Blackboard faculty:

    Review steps here including ensuring your grades total correctly, saving key information from your class, and copying courses into the spring.
    Be aware

  • Dec. Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Course Management System Evaluation this Spring
    This spring, MiraCosta College will be re-evaluating its course management system. We have been using Blackboard as our

  • Spring Online & Hybrid Class Instructor Information
    Back to School Apple

    Please review the following key information/requests for instructors of MiraCosta spring online and/or hybrid classes:
    1. Online Class Schedule – Please Update!
    It’s time to update the MiraCosta

  • Spring 2016 Blackboard Course Shells Available
    Bb Mobile Learn

    Spring 2016 course shells are available on Blackboard at MiraCosta College.

    Interested in reusing content from Fall or Summer 2015?  Follow these directions.
    Spring 2015 and

  • Nov. Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Professional Learning Opportunities (got Flex?)

    The Online Teaching Conference will again be in San Diego this June (6/16-17). Online Education will pay for conference registrations for

  • Oct. (already!) Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Opportunities to Earn Flex Credit

    Oct. 8, 5:30-6:50 pm, Karen Korstad will run an online workshop on the Blackboard Discussion Board. Sign up via MyFlex.

  • Sept. Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Hope your semester is off to great start.
    MOE Initiatives for 2015-16
    At its first meeting, MiraCosta Online Educators (MOE) decided that it would

  • Blackboard Updates
    Bb Mobile Learn

    By now you hopefully are aware of the many updates made to our Blackboard system at the beginning of summer. The overall

  • Back-to-School Online Ed News You Can Use
    Back to School

    Hope everyone had a great summer! Lots has happened in the Online Ed realm – please see below and click links to learn more.

  • Silverlight is required on the Mac for Techsmith Relay – Self Hosted
    Silverlight Logo

    The browser plugin Silverlight is required for Mac users of Techsmith Relay-Self Hosted. Without the Silverlight plugin you will be able to record however you will

  • Turnitin assignments information for Fall 15
    Turnitin.com Logo

    PLEASE NOTE: The Aug. 13 update mentioned in the message below has now been completed, and new Turnitin assignments may be created for fall

  • How to set Firefox on a PC to not open a zip file after downloading
    Firefox Logo

    On a Windows PC complete the following tasks within the Firefox web browser

    Click Open Menu button
    This button is located in the top right

  • Current State of Blackboard. Please Read
    Bb Mobile Learn

    MiraCosta College Faculty,
    As you hopefully are aware, at the beginning of June we completed a Blackboard upgrade. This email gives a quick overview of

  • Blackboard-generated email: What to expect

    Blackboard offers many ways that faculty and students can communicate via email to others enrolled in a Blackboard course. Blackboard can also automatically send

  • Chrome browser with Blackboard Collaborate Voice Board
    Chrome browser logo

    Faculty and students that are trying to access the Blackboard Collaborate Voice Board through the Chrome Browser will need to complete the following.
    As of Chrome Version 42, an additional configuration

  • Summer Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Happy Summer!
    Blackboard Update Complete
    The Blackboard system update means there are new features and functions to learn about. It also means your procedure

  • Blackboard’s New Release for Summer and Fall 2015
    Bb Mobile Learn

    MiraCosta College upgraded to the newest release of Blackboard for Summer and Fall 2015. https://blackboard.miracosta.edu. Looking for your Spring 15 or older classes to export content from?  Go to:

  • Test Availability Settings for Blackboard Tests Proctored at the Academic Proctoring Center

    Academic Proctoring Center (APC)
    If the  Academic Proctoring Center  is proctoring your Blackboard exam the following selections should be made for Test Availability within the Blackboard Test Options

  • Top Success Tips for Students Taking Blackboard Exams

    Following these suggestions will reduce the likelihood of having technical problems completing your exams, and reduce the need for your instructor to reset your

  • Setting up Notifications E mail, SMS Text Messages, or Text to Voice Messages in Blackboard

    This feature is currently not working for SMS text messages and voice messages.  Email is still working.  Bb is working on a fix for the

  • Archive your Course

    The Archive Course feature allows you to archive (save a backup) of your courses that includes student records  in .zip format.  The archive course zip

  • Review the Student Total Column and Export your Grade Center to Excel

    At the end of the semester it is important to ensure that your student grades are calculated correctly within the Blackboard Grade Center, and

  • End of Semester Blackboard Tasks for Faculty
    Bb Mobile Learn

    The following are important tasks for faculty to complete at the end of each semester in Blackboard.
    1.  Grade Center: Review the Student Total

  • May Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Blackboard Updates
    Your MiraCosta Blackboard dynamic duo – Karen Brown and Karen Korstad – has been working hard to update the hardware and software

  • April Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Blackboard Updates

    Look for your summer and fall course shells in early May. A significant software and hardware upgrade for our Blackboard system is underway.

  • Blackboard Mobile Learn Free for Faculty and Students
    Mobile Learn smart phones

    MiraCosta College students and faculty can now access their classes on iOS and Android devices through the Blackboard Mobile Learn App for free!
    Please note: Anyone

  • Online Teaching Conference 2015 | Be an Early Bird!
    Online Class Teaching with Technology

    The Online Teaching Conference is in San Diego on June 18-19, with pre-conference workshops on June 17. As in recent years, I am able

  • CourseSites by Blackboard
    COURSEsites by Blackboard logo

    Host your Blackboard Courses Online Free with COURSEsites by Blackboard

    Course Sites Website
    Getting Started Building Your Course Online
    Learn More about COURSEsites by Blackboard

    With COURSEsites you can:

    Create up

  • March Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Happy Spring!
    Blackboard email Issues
    Last spring, AOL and Yahoo changed some of their email rules (aka “DMARC”) to try to cut down on

  • February Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Online Education Initiative (OEI) updates
    OEI has made its selection of a common course management system: Canvas. Read more about the selection, or put

  • Safari: How to set your browser to download the ZIP file and not unzip/extract it

    Faculty that are trying to download the ZIP file that was produced during a Blackboard course export, downloads as a file folder and not

  • January Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Happy new year!
    Online Education Flex Workshops 
    You may now enroll in Flex week workshops. Karen and I are offering several workshops, including two that will

  • Start of the Semester Blackboard Tasks
    Blackboard Logo

    Welcome to the Spring 2015 semester at MiraCosta College.
    If you are teaching with Blackboard make your Course Available for student view prior to

  • Embed a YouTube Video within Blackboard with YouTube Embed Code

    Embed a YouTube Video within Blackboard with YouTube Embed Code
    You can embed videos directly in to Blackboard with Embed Code from YouTube.

    Go to

  • November Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Online Education Initiative update
    Last Friday, the MiraCosta Online Educators committee, in collaboration with the Academic Senate and Faculty Assembly, held a forum to

  • How to get longer uploads on YouTube
    YouTube logo

      YouTube is a free video sharing website perfect for instructional videos.  Wonder how to get uploads longer than 15 minutes on YouTube?

  • Bonus Fall Online Education News You Can Use

    Online Education Initiative (OEI) Forum next Friday, 10/31
    The MiraCosta Online Educators committee has organized an OEI forum next Friday, 1:30-2:30 pm, in the Little

  • October Online Ed News You Can Use

    Are we really halfway to winter break already?!?
    Student Support, Online – especially for midterms!
    Please remind your students about MiraCosta’s free online tutoring, online writing support,

  • Searching for Images in Google that are free to use

    Google has an extensive collection of images available. Many of them are free to use.

  • If you are using Jing, it is time to upgrade to Snagit.

    I had a faculty member this week who has been using the free screencasting tool Jing for some time and uploading the resulting videos

  • Showing a letter grade in the Blackboard Grade Center when a student’s overall score is more than 100%

    When students earn more than 100% in a course, due to extra credit, the Blackboard grade center will show a score rather than a letter

  • Item Analysis in Blackboard
    Blackboard Logo

    Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance and individual test questions. This data helps you recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of

  • September Online Ed News You Can Use

    Hope your semester is starting well!
    Online Education Initiative (OEI) Update and Opportunities
    You probably heard that MiraCosta is one of 24 colleges selected

Try these 10 things to fix your computer problem before you call support

Troubleshooting computer problems is part of modern life when you teach online. Before you make that support call, try your hand at fixing some of the most common problems yourself.

  1. Check your Course Management System (CMS) Status
    Is it a maintenance time? Or is your CMS currently experiencing an outage?

    1. Canvas
    2. Moodle
    3. Blackboard
  2. Clear Browser Cache (history, cookies, etc.)
    Clearing your browser cache often will resolve the problem by allowing your computer to download the latest version of the webpage and/or software.
  3. Try a Different Browser
    If you have cleared your browser cache and things are still not working as you expect try a different browser. Example: if you are using Chrome, try Firefox and visa versa. Ensure that your browsers are up to date. You can always download the latest version free online.

    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox
  4. Restart your Computer
    Many faculty and staff solve their problems with this simple step. Always a good option to try.
  5. Check your Internet Connection Speed
    A slow connection could be why your CMS system is running slow.  Share your result with your internet service provider as necessary to resolve.
  6. Enable Browser Cookies
    Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the online server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.
  7. Enable Java
    It strongly recommended to have the latest version to ensure proper functionality of our online systems.

    1. Review ‘What is Java and Why do I need it?
    2. Download Java
  8. Manage Pop-Up Blockers
    Pop-up windows, or pop-ups, are windows that appear automatically without your permission. They vary in size but usually don’t cover the whole screen. They are often required for certain online website applications to work properly.
  9. Make sure that your Operating System is fully updated. 
    Neglecting updates could deprive you of important bug and performance fixes.

    1. Apple Computer
    2. PC Computer 
  10. Check your Device Settings
    This is a great tool to identify what is on your computer, browser version, plugins, etc. This tool can help you update your computer yourself, and/or can be provided to tech support to assist you further with troubleshooting.

Add a TA or other MCC Employee to Blackboard

As an instructor you can add a TA or other MiraCosta College Employee to your Blackboard course.

DO NOT add students that will be enrolled in your course on SURF.  Students are automatically enrolled within your Blackboard course several times a day.

 Add a TA or other MCC Employee to Blackboard

  1. Enter your Blackboard course
  2. Under Control Panel select Course Tools
  3. Select Manage Users
  4. Select Add Users by Role
  5. In the Username box enter the SURF ID of the user.
  6. For Course Role select the appropriate Course Role for the User.
  7. Click the Submit button.

Course Roles Explained

Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant (or TA) role is that of a co-teacher. Teaching assistants are able to administer all areas of a course. Teaching assistants have access to most all tools and features in the Control Panel. Even if the course is unavailable to students, teaching assistants still have access to the course.


Student is the default course role. Students have no access to the Control Panel. If the course is set to unavailable, they will not be able to see the course.  This role is appropriate for tutors that you add to your course that will be assisting students or course evaluators that you would not like to have access to the Control Panel.

Course Builder

The course builder role has access to most areas of the Control Panel to build course content. This role is appropriate for a user to manage the course without having access to student grades. A course builder can still access the course if the course is unavailable to students.


A grader assists the instructor in the creation, management, delivery, and grading of items, such as tests and discussion board posts. A grader also assists the instructor with managing the Grade Center. A grader cannot access a course if it is unavailable to students. Graders can also not make changes to course content.


Mar-Apr 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use

Canvas Learning Opportunities

As you’re hopefully aware, MiraCosta is transitioning to the Canvas course management system. Keep an eye on the TIC Canvas page for great resources from our faculty Transition Team, including workshops, screencasts, and open Canvas classes for you to explore. For those of you at San Elijo, Sean Davis is holding open “Canvas Office Hours” on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1:20-2:20 pm in SEC 513.

Online Teaching Conference – want to go?

Every June, the California Community Colleges holds the Online Teaching Conference featuring dozens of faculty-led presentations. MiraCosta typically sends 15-20 faculty to this excellent event, which this year is in Anaheim from June 19-21. The Online Education department has funding to cover conference registration fees for about that many faculty, including pre-conference workshops if desired. Early bird registration deadline is April 15, and it’s important not to wait – last year several MiraCosta faculty couldn’t attend because registration was completely filled well in advance. Please reply to me (Jim Julius) if you are interested in attending.

Open Educational Resources Updates

Did you know MiraCosta has received about $150,000 in grant funding over the last year to help faculty develop more classes that use Open Educational Resources (OER)? Did you know that SB 1359 requires all CSUs and CCCs to denote zero-textbook-cost classes in the online class schedule by 2018? If you’d like to learn more about OER, there are many online events this week, which is designated as Open Education Week. Here’s a list of select community college-focused online events this week – you can receive Flex credit for attending these types of webinars.

Student Orientation to Online Learning – final two this week

I am running two final Student Orientation to Online Learning sessions this week – today (Tuesday 3/28) from 12-1 pm and tomorrow (Weds. 3/29) from 5-6 pm. Both are online and both are Blackboard-oriented. These are especially aimed at students in online late start classes but are open to anyone. Feel free to refer your students to the TASC workshops page for the workshop sign-ups and access information.

Captioning Opportunity

Please look for this morning’s email from Robert Erichsen, MiraCosta Access Specialist, on captioning videos you provide in your online class materials. This is important for compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as simply to ensure that all students are able to fully access the information you are providing.

Online Tutoring – outage

Hopefully you know that MiraCosta provides free online tutoring for all students (see http://miracosta.edu/etutoring for subjects and schedule). The eTutoring site will be updated on Wednesday, 3/29, meaning that online tutoring will be unavailable that day – if you encourage your students to use eTutoring, please let them know about this.

Happy Spring!

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education
Vice President, Academic Senate

Feb-Mar 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use

Canvas Transition and Upcoming Online Mini-Course

As you likely know, MiraCosta has begun its transition to Canvas, which will be complete in summer 2018 when Canvas will be our only course management system. Over 20% of all spring classes are in Canvas now, and over 43% of all MiraCosta students are currently taking one of those classes. The TIC page on Canvas includes many excellent resources for learning Canvas, including a number of videos of Flex Week workshops conducted by the MiraCosta faculty Transition Team.

Members of the Transition Team will be facilitating a 4-week “Introduction to Teaching with Canvas” course for MiraCosta faculty starting March 6. See the TIC Canvas site for more information and please contact me if you are interested. Look for more details coming next week.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Update

MiraCosta College has obtained about $150,000 in grant funds in the last year to expand adoption of free and open course materials. Support for OER is an item in the Online Education Plan, but OER, while often digital, can also be in print and can be used in any class. SB 1359, passed in the fall, will require that our class schedule contain a special notation of all zero-textbook-cost classes starting in spring 2018. Look for an effort soon to inventory our classes to learn which already are using low- and no-cost materials. If you’d like to learn more about any of this, please contact me, and/or check out some activities and resources shared by Palomar College.

Student Orientation to Online Learning Attendance

Nearly 1700 students have attended a Student Orientation to Online Learning in the last three years. Any instructor can use SURF to find out which of their students have attended. When you scroll to the bottom of the Class Roster page, and click the “Student Orientation to Online Learning Roster” link (see image below), a PDF should open in a new browser tab or window with a roster showing which students attended an orientation, and on what date. If the roster doesn’t open, please ensure that it wasn’t blocked by a popup blocker. Two final SOOL sessions will be offered on 3/28 and 3/29.

Student Orientation Link location on SURF

Online Education Initiative (OEI) Update

The OEI is an effort to improve student access and success by making it easier for students enrolled at a CCC to take high-quality online classes offered by other CCCs when they can’t take a local version of the course. MiraCosta College is one of 24 OEI pilot colleges and a number of our faculty have been actively teaching OEI pilot classes. Several pilot colleges have recently implemented the OEI Course Exchange and MiraCosta will be working towards having this in place by fall. See the latest update from OEI’s director or an outsider’s summary of OEI’s “intended consequences” to learn more. And if you teach an online C-ID approved course, look for an invitation to get more involved with the OEI soon.

Faculty Support Request Form on TIC Site

If you haven’t explored the http://tic.miracosta.edu site lately, please check out all the great resources it offers to faculty on the various online educational technologies that MiraCosta supports. Also, please note now that on the left hand edge of any page on that site, you’ll find an orange bar that takes you to a form where you can request all kinds of support from Online Education and the TIC, from equipment checkout, to scheduling a consultation, to common requests related to course management systems.

Professional Learning Opportunities (got Flex?)

  • The Online Teaching Conference is moving to Anaheim this June. If you have submitted a presentation, or if you would like to attend, please let me know! I can provide registration fee support. Full-time faculty who need support for lodging, please consider accessing the additional professional development funds recently announced by PDP. (Because of the timing of the conference after spring semester, those funds unfortunately wouldn’t work for part-time faculty.)
  • March 27-31 is Open Education Week with all kinds of free online presentations and learning opportunities.
  • Check out recorded archives of past Online Education workshops .
  • Sign up for an upcoming online 1-hour webinar (free) or full course (may be a fee) on online teaching from @One.
  • The deadline for submitting presentations for this summer’s Canvas conference in Colorado (“InstructureCon”) is March 1.

Happy Spring!

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education
Vice President, Academic Senate

Canvas Scheduler to Manage Appointments

The Canvas Calendar allows students to schedule appointments within defined time periods. Scenarios can range from individual students choosing a time to meet in your office, all the way to sign-up sheets for who wants to attend a field trip event.

The Scheduler is a tool within the Calendar which allows the instructor to set up days and times when students can make reservations. For the official description check out “What is the Scheduler?” The Scheduler is an optional tool that we do have available here at MiraCosta College.

You may be wondering “How do I create an appointment group in the Scheduler?” That documentation covers several different use scenarios, so I’d like to suggest two specifics:

  1. Set up office hour time windows, and allow students to reserve one or more half-hour appointment times.
  2. Set up a scheduled event, and allow up to twenty students to reserve seats at that event.

For the first scenario, you’d want to set up your appointment group with wide time periods, such as from 10 am until 4 pm on Friday. Then you’d want to tell the appointment group to apply to any number of your courses, so that all your students will be able to reserve into the same appointment group. (This will ensure no dual bookings!) Finally you would tell the appointment group to divide into equal slots of 30 minutes. You’d probably want to limit students to attend a single session, else you could end up with a student reserving multiple time slots in a row.

For the second scenario, you’d set up your appointment group for the times of the event, such as from noon to 2 pm on Saturday. If this event is at an odd location be sure to specify that in the Location field. If this event can only support twenty students, set the Limit each time slot to 20 users.

In each of these scenarios, once you have the appointment group set up, students would follow the same procedure to reserve time. They can go into the Calendar in Canvas, and click the Scheduler button, then click on the appointment group, and finally click on the time slot they want to attend. This process is also detailed in “How do I sign up for an appointment using the Scheduler?

And if you want to message students about signing up using the scheduler, you can go into your appointment group, copy the address from the address bar of your browser, and send that link to your students. If they click the link, they’ll be prompted to log in to Canvas, and then should be taken directly to the appointment group. But of course they can always navigate to the Calendar and click the Scheduler button too.

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