• MiraCosta Online Ed Updates: Mid-Semester edition

    Good stuff here for all faculty – not just those teaching online. Please read on!
    Canvas Conference online tomorrow (10/26)
    Ready for some new

  • Academic Integrity and Canvas Exams
    Academic Integrity

    Though cheating is certainly not unique to the online environment, many instructors have  reasonable concerns about opportunities for students to cheat online. These concerns

  • Proctorio

    Proctorio is an online exam proctoring and security tool. It is available for use in Canvas courses by instructor request. Proctorio requires both instructors

  • Canvas Student View vs MCC’s Sample Student Account
    Canvas Logo

    This site explains the difference between the Canvas student view tool and MiraCosta College’s sample student account.
    Canvas Student View
    You can view a

  • Course Visibility Options
    Canvas Logo

    Should I make my Canvas course Public, Institution, or keep as the default Course? This document explains the several options for privacy and visibility

  • Canvas End of Semester / Term
    Canvas Logo

    The following will help instructors understand how the end of semester is handled in Canvas, and how to update related Canvas course settings if necessary.

  • Online Ed Info for ALL MiraCosta faculty
    Back to School Apple

    Happy fall, everyone. Please see below for important online education-related updates and information for all MiraCosta faculty.
    Canvas Updates
    Lots of new features are

  • Updated Tools & Features to Try in Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    Behind the scenes, Canvas is updated regularly. Check out some of the updated tools and features available in MiraCosta College’s Canvas. (Note: The list below

  • New Canvas Gradebook
    Canvas Logo

    The New Gradebook is (as of August 2018) an opt-in feature that allows instructors an improved Gradebook experience. Check out the How do I use

  • Turnitin LTI 2.0 Canvas Plagiarism Framework
    Turnitin.com Logo

    As of summer 2018, an update to Turnitin is available within Canvas and offers a tighter integration between a Canvas assignment and Turnitin. No separate

  • Quizzes.Next in Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    Quizzes.Next is Canvas’s new quiz/test assessment engine. Quizzes.Next will replace the original Quiz function in the near future (late fall 2018 or spring 2019,

  • Countdown to Canvas: This is it!
    Exclamation Mark

    One last reminder: on June 30, MiraCosta faculty access to Blackboard and Moodle will end as our licenses to those systems expire.
    If you

  • Try These 10 Things To Fix Your Computer Problem Before You Call Support

    Troubleshooting computer problems is part of modern life when you teach online. Before you make that support call, try your hand at fixing some of the most

  • Countdown to Canvas: 3 weeks to go
    Exclamation Mark

    Canvas is now MiraCosta’s sole course management system!
    Blackboard and Moodle access links have been removed from http://miracosta.edu/online to eliminate any confusion for our

  • Countdown to Canvas: 6 weeks to go
    Exclamation Mark

    Please be sure you have extracted everything you need from Blackboard and Moodle, since access to those systems ends on June 30. See Considerations in Leaving

  • Considerations in Leaving Blackboard and Moodle
    Moodle vs Blackboard

    With the closure of Blackboard and Moodle (“legacy systems”) on June 30, 2018, faculty should consider their obligations and needs regarding the class content

  • Countdown to Canvas: 8 weeks to go
    Exclamation Mark

    To: All faculty
    Blackboard and Moodle will no longer be options for instruction after the spring semester. The official end of our licenses providing access to Blackboard

  • Download Moodle Gradebook and Backup a Moodle Course

    MiraCosta faculty and student access to Moodle ends on June 30, 2018. For overall details and advice on the final transition to Canvas, please

  • Countdown to Canvas: 10 weeks to go
    Exclamation Mark

    To: All faculty
    Blackboard and Moodle will no longer be options for instruction after the spring semester. The official end of our licenses providing access to

  • Adios, Bb and Moodle – Completion of Canvas transition #1
    Bb to Canvas

    To: All faculty
    All fall and summer classes are available now in Canvas for you to begin preparations. Blackboard and Moodle will no longer

  • UDOIT – Universal Design Online Inspection Tool

    The Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool, or UDOIT (“You Do It”) enables faculty to identify and correct many accessibility issues in their MiraCosta

  • Turnitin for Canvas (Classic Turnitin LTI 1.0 Version)
    Canvas Logo

    MiraCosta College has an unlimited license to Turnitin, GradeMark, and Peer Review.  Turnitin is available within Canvas. No separate login or password is required for

  • Connecting your Canvas Course to Various Publisher Tools
    Canvas Logo

    If you are using a publisher website for materials and assessments in your course, you may be able to ‘pair’ your Canvas course to

  • Dropped Students in Canvas – People Roster
    Canvas Logo

    Starting Spring 2018, students that drop a course in SURF after the semester has started remain on the People roster in Canvas, but with

  • Extra Credit in Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    Learn the two methods of how to add extra credit to Canvas Grades.

    Add a 0 points possible column to Grades via Assignments.
    Use Assignment

  • Add a TA or other MCC Employee to Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    Instructors of Canvas classes can add a TA or other MiraCosta College employee to your Canvas course with TA, designer, or observer permissions.

  • Online Support for All Students – Please Be Aware and Share!
    Green Light Bulb

    Online Academic Support Resources for ALL Students
    As you finalize your syllabi and course resources, please make your students aware of online tutoring, online writing center,

  • Canvas resources for the new semester Spring 2018
    Canvas Logo

    New support resources recently added to our TIC Canvas site:

    Canvas “office hours” conducted by our Canvas faculty transition team – daily drop-in support opportunities

  • Canvas Start of the Semester Instructor Checklist
    Canvas Logo

    Create or Import your Content
    Multiple ways to begin to build your class
    • Copy from another class in Canvas. Your access to classes you

  • Canvas Flex workshop info

    Hi, all –
    As Jim S. reminded us, there are lots of Canvas workshops upcoming, and they are popular! You can see all the

  • Winter Online Ed News You Can Use 2017
    Winter Panda
  • Spring course availability in Canvas (and Blackboard)
    Canvas Logo

    All class sections scheduled for the spring semester now are available in Canvas where you can begin to work and build! If you expected

  • Filtering Canvas Grades to Only Show SURF Enrolled Students
    Canvas Logo

    By default the Grades tool will display all users in the roles Student, Sample Student, Tutor, Evaluator, and WC SI Leader in your Canvas course. This

  • Online Ed News You Can Use – October 2017
    Green Circle
  • Adding faculty evaluators, tutors, SI leaders, and community ed students to Canvas classes
    Canvas Logo

    You cannot manually enroll users at the student permission level to your Canvas class.
    If you have any of the following, follow the specified directions

  • Filtering your Roster List by Role in Canvas People
    Canvas Logo

    By default the People tool will display all users enrolled in your Canvas course. You can filter the users by role to obtain the

  • Student Orientation to Online Learning Information
    Green Light Bulb

    Each term, Online Education offers multiple 1-hour Student Orientation to Online Learning (SOOL) sessions open to any student. The list of SOOL sessions is

  • Selectively Subscribing to a Canvas Discussion Board
    Canvas Logo

    Here is a video, from Dr. Robert Kelley, that covers how faculty can selectively subscribe to a discussion board in Canvas (choosing immediate or daily/weekly

  • MiraCosta Canvas Instructor Info – Fall 2017
    Canvas Logo

    To MiraCosta faculty who are using Canvas this fall:
    Thanks for your efforts in switching to Canvas! It’s looking like around half of our

  • MiraCosta Online Ed News You Can Use – Welcome to Fall 2017!
    Back to School

    For ALL faculty:
    Canvas Transition
    Blackboard and Moodle will no longer be available after spring 2018 – if you haven’t already begun learning Canvas,

  • Add NetTutor to Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    MiraCosta’s primary option for free online tutoring for all students is eTutoring through the Western eTutoring Consortium. Another option for our distance education classes

  • Summer 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Summer & Fall Classes – Blackboard & Canvas
    All summer and fall classes are available to faculty now in both Blackboard and Canvas. Remember,

  • Canvas and Blackboard: Important Updates
    Bb to Canvas

    Hello, MiraCosta faculty – happy summer!
    As you are hopefully well aware, MiraCosta is transitioning to Canvas. Blackboard and Moodle remain available through next

  • Copying into Canvas from Blackboard or Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    MiraCosta College has transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas. Starting in summer 2018, Canvas is the sole supported course management system for MiraCosta classes.

  • Canvas User Profile Names
    Canvas Logo

    The first and last name displayed in your Canvas profile is stored in the preferred name field within the Peoplesoft / SURF registration system.

  • Mar-Apr 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Canvas Learning Opportunities
    As you’re hopefully aware, MiraCosta is transitioning to the Canvas course management system. Keep an eye on the TIC Canvas page

  • Feb-Mar 2017 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Canvas Transition and Upcoming Online Mini-Course
    As you likely know, MiraCosta has begun its transition to Canvas, which will be complete in summer 2018

  • Canvas Scheduler to Manage Appointments
    Canvas Logo

    The Canvas Calendar allows students to schedule appointments within defined time periods. Scenarios can range from individual students choosing a time to meet in your

  • Changing Your Sample Student Account Password
    Enter your sample student SURF ID

    The following steps will to assist you with changing your sample student account password.  Your password is reset two times a year at the same time

  • MiraCosta Canvas Updates for Canvas Instructors Spring 2017

    Hello! You are among over 130 faculty who have published courses in MiraCosta’s Canvas system. I hope the semester is starting well for you

  • Dec. 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Can you believe the semester is almost over?
    Spring Classes – Blackboard & Canvas
    All spring classes are available to faculty now in both Blackboard and Canvas.

  • December & Flex Week Canvas workshops
    Canvas Logo

    The Canvas faculty Transition Team is offering three more Canvas workshops before break. Sign up for these via MyFlex:
    Workshop: All Hands on

  • Canvas Workshops in December
    Canvas Logo

    The Canvas faculty Transition Team is offering several Canvas workshops in December. Sign up for these via MyFlex:
    Workshop: All Hands on Canvas

  • Embedding Google Docs in Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    If you are embedding a Google doc for content purposes (ie you aren’t having students edit the document), I recommend the trick of replacing

  • Canvas workshops this Friday 11/18/2016
    Canvas Logo

    Two Canvas workshops will be offered this Friday, November 18, 2016. Sign up for these via MyFlex:
    From Blackboard to Canvas: Preview and Q&A

  • Canvas now open to all MiraCosta faculty
    Canvas Logo

    All spring 2017 classes are available to faculty now in both Blackboard and Canvas. MiraCosta will support Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas through spring of 2018,

  • Nov. 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Spring Classes – Blackboard & Canvas
    All spring classes are available to faculty now in Blackboard, and will also be in Canvas within the next few

  • Sept/Oct 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Happy fall!
    Canvas Transition Update
    MiraCosta’s two-year transition to Canvas is off to a good start with about 20 classes piloting it this fall.

  • Validate your course links in Canvas
    Canvas LMS Logo

    It is important to verify that all links are working throughout a course. The course link validator tool can help make this task easy for faculty

  • What are the different assignment submission types in Canvas?
    Canvas LMS Logo

    As the instructor, you can decide what kinds of submissions are acceptable. You may allow students to:

    No Submission: Assignments can be created that have

  • Back-to-School Online Ed News You Can Use
    Back to School

    Welcome back! Please review the important information below about online learning resources for you and your students.
    Common Blackboard Tasks – Reminder
    See our reminder videos

  • Message to Summer and Fall DE Instructors
    Green Circle

    Hello – as an instructor of a summer and/or fall online/hybrid class at MiraCosta, the following information and action items are especially for you.

  • Accessible Narrated Streaming PowerPoint Presentations
    3C Media Solutions Logo

    Microsoft PowerPoint is a common teaching tool that many instructors use to present course materials. In order to use these presentations within an online

  • MiraCosta transitioning to Canvas
    Canvas Logo

    As you have likely heard, MiraCosta College will be transitioning to the Canvas course management system over the next two years. This decision

  • April Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Light Bulb

    Welcome back!
    Course Management System Evaluation – STILL TIME FOR YOU TO PROVIDE INPUT!
    Thanks to all who have responded to the CMS evaluation survey to

  • March Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Course Management System Evaluation Update
    The task force of faculty, staff, students, and administrators is working hard on this, and March will be a

  • New Year 2016 Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Spring Student Orientations to Online Learning
    I will offer ten online learning orientation sessions this spring, starting on Tuesday 1/27. Please share the schedule with your online/hybrid

  • TechSmith Relay: Chrome Web Browser Warning
    Techsmith Relay Logo

    TechSmith Relay requires the Silverlight plugin within your browser for captioning and proper video encoding.   The Chrome web browser on both the MAC and

  • TechSmith Relay: YouTube Video Captioning Alert
    Techsmith Relay Logo

    It has come to our attention that videos that were captioned with TechSmith Relay and published through the profile ‘Caption and Publish to YouTube.com

  • Dec. Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Course Management System Evaluation this Spring
    This spring, MiraCosta College will be re-evaluating its course management system. We have been using Blackboard as our

  • Spring Online & Hybrid Class Instructor Information
    Back to School Apple

    Please review the following key information/requests for instructors of MiraCosta spring online and/or hybrid classes:
    1. Online Class Schedule – Please Update!
    It’s time to update the MiraCosta

  • Nov. Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Professional Learning Opportunities (got Flex?)

    The Online Teaching Conference will again be in San Diego this June (6/16-17). Online Education will pay for conference registrations for

  • Oct. (already!) Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Opportunities to Earn Flex Credit

    Oct. 8, 5:30-6:50 pm, Karen Korstad will run an online workshop on the Blackboard Discussion Board. Sign up via MyFlex.

  • Sept. Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Hope your semester is off to great start.
    MOE Initiatives for 2015-16
    At its first meeting, MiraCosta Online Educators (MOE) decided that it would

  • Back-to-School Online Ed News You Can Use
    Back to School

    Hope everyone had a great summer! Lots has happened in the Online Ed realm – please see below and click links to learn more.

  • Silverlight is required on the Mac for Techsmith Relay – Self Hosted
    Silverlight Logo

    The browser plugin Silverlight is required for Mac users of Techsmith Relay-Self Hosted. Without the Silverlight plugin you will be able to record however you will

  • Summer Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Happy Summer!
    Blackboard Update Complete
    The Blackboard system update means there are new features and functions to learn about. It also means your procedure

  • May Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Blackboard Updates
    Your MiraCosta Blackboard dynamic duo – Karen Brown and Karen Korstad – has been working hard to update the hardware and software

  • April Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Blackboard Updates

    Look for your summer and fall course shells in early May. A significant software and hardware upgrade for our Blackboard system is underway.

  • Online Teaching Conference 2015 | Be an Early Bird!
    Online Class Teaching with Technology

    The Online Teaching Conference is in San Diego on June 18-19, with pre-conference workshops on June 17. As in recent years, I am able

  • March Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Happy Spring!
    Blackboard email Issues
    Last spring, AOL and Yahoo changed some of their email rules (aka “DMARC”) to try to cut down on

  • February Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Online Education Initiative (OEI) updates
    OEI has made its selection of a common course management system: Canvas. Read more about the selection, or put

  • January Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Happy new year!
    Online Education Flex Workshops 
    You may now enroll in Flex week workshops. Karen and I are offering several workshops, including two that will

  • November Online Ed News You Can Use
    Green Circle

    Online Education Initiative update
    Last Friday, the MiraCosta Online Educators committee, in collaboration with the Academic Senate and Faculty Assembly, held a forum to

  • How to get longer uploads on YouTube
    YouTube logo

      YouTube is a free video sharing website perfect for instructional videos.  Wonder how to get uploads longer than 15 minutes on YouTube?

  • Bonus Fall Online Education News You Can Use

    Online Education Initiative (OEI) Forum next Friday, 10/31
    The MiraCosta Online Educators committee has organized an OEI forum next Friday, 1:30-2:30 pm, in the Little

  • October Online Ed News You Can Use

    Are we really halfway to winter break already?!?
    Student Support, Online – especially for midterms!
    Please remind your students about MiraCosta’s free online tutoring, online writing support,

  • Searching for Images in Google that are free to use

    Google has an extensive collection of images available. Many of them are free to use.

  • If you are using Jing, it is time to upgrade to Snagit.

    I had a faculty member this week who has been using the free screencasting tool Jing for some time and uploading the resulting videos

  • September Online Ed News You Can Use

    Hope your semester is starting well!
    Online Education Initiative (OEI) Update and Opportunities
    You probably heard that MiraCosta is one of 24 colleges selected

MiraCosta Online Ed Updates: Mid-Semester edition

Good stuff here for all faculty – not just those teaching online. Please read on!

Canvas Conference online tomorrow (10/26)

Ready for some new ideas on effective uses of Canvas? The Can-Innovate online conference is designed by and for the CCC system. You can register and attend independently, or you can pop in to the new C3 Teaching & Learning Center space in the OC Hub (OC 1252 & 1253) to catch as many sessions as you like throughout the day (tomorrow, Friday 10/26). There’s also an open Canvas course with slides and other resources for every session. This is, of course, Flex-eligible!

Spring Class Schedule is available!

That means three things:

  1. Classes assigned to you in SURF are available for you to begin developing in Canvas.
  2. If any of your spring classes are Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) or Low Textbook Cost (<$40), you should designate them as such in SURF.
  3. If you are teaching online or hybrid spring classes, you can provide more information about them for students in the Online Course Schedule. . Please note: if you have done this in the past by copying text from Word or other sources, you may have introduced HTML that causes your course description to be inaccessible. Please type directly or copy in plain text only.

Want to learn more about Open Ed Resources & Zero Textbook Cost materials?

Check out the MiraCosta OER/ZTC website, starting with a curated set of texts and Canvas shells useful for many GE classes.
Consider registering for and attending a regional OER/ZTC summit on Nov. 9, 8 am – 2 pm, at Grossmont College.

Video Management System coming – interested?

The MiraCosta Online Educators committee is preparing to select a video management system to pilot this spring at MiraCosta. This will enable faculty and students to easily record, manage, and share videos within Canvas. Faculty will be able to get detailed information about student viewing of videos, discussions can be tied to different points in videos, and quiz questions can be inserted within videos. Please let me know if you might want to be part of our evaluation process.

Fall Student Orientations to Online Learning complete

Nearly 240 students attended a Student Orientation to Online Learning session this fall, and nearly 2700 have attended since 2014. If you want to give extra credit to your students for attending, you can run a report in SURF to see which ones participated. 

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education

Academic Integrity and Canvas Exams

Though cheating is certainly not unique to the online environment, many instructors have  reasonable concerns about opportunities for students to cheat online. These concerns may include:

  • inappropriate access to resources when completing an online assessment
  • copying answers or text found online
  • sharing answers with other students
  • contracting with a third party to complete online classwork

There are many approaches to decreasing the likelihood or ability for students to cheat in the online environment.

Course Redesign: Consider combining or replacing objective tests with other methods of assessment, such as projects, collaborative work, writing assignments, and personal reflections. Multiple choice and essay questions requiring application of skills and knowledge rather than simple factual recall are harder to cheat on. Consider designing tests as open note/open resource so that you do not get caught in an “arms race” with students. Consider requiring students to turn in drafts of projects and written work (for feedback from instructor and/or peers) well in advance of a final due date. Alter assignments and tests from semester to semester. Consider including more formative assessments and activities, and making high-stakes objective assessment a smaller portion of the overall course grade.

Proctoring: For objective assessments critical to the learning outcomes for an online course, consider using the MiraCosta Proctoring Center. For students at a distance, the Proctoring Center can help to establish proctoring in other locations. You may also consider the use of an online proctoring technology; Proctorio is available to MiraCosta faculty for this purpose.

Code of Conduct and Instructor Leadership: Discuss with students the reasons why academic integrity is important. Emphasize the benefits (and pleasures!) of truly engaging with course material and learning, rather than focusing on grades. Have students sign or even jointly develop a statement summarizing the expectations and requirements for academic honesty. Include a question on exams that has students agree to the code of conduct and/or that has students indicate that they have completed the exam on their own without using prohibited resources.

Making Canvas Exams More Secure

When conducting tests through Canvas, the following methods can further reduce the risk of cheating. Note that as of fall 2018, Canvas has two different tools for conducting tests – Quizzes (the original) and Quizzes.Next. Quizzes.Next is still being developed; at this time it has both advantages and limitations (view a comparison and/or a Quizzes.Next FAQ) compared to the original Quizzes tool, but it is expected to eventually fully replace Quizzes. Canvas guides for both Quizzes and Quizzes.Next are given for each item below as applicable.

  • Availability Window – Restrict the availability of the test to a specific date/time range. Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Time Limits – Limit the time a student can spend on a test once they start it. Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Disallow Multiple Attempts – Multiple attempts is a great option for a “mastery” quiz where you want students to retake it until they achieve a certain level of proficiency; this isn’t typical of a summative, high-stakes assessment. Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Delay Per-Question Feedback (Quizzes only) – Providing students feedback on each question can help them learn; delaying the availability of this feedback until after the test availability window is over can help ensure the integrity of the exam. Quizzes [As of fall 2018, if feedback is built into a Quizzes.Next assessment, it is provided to students immediately and cannot be delayed.]
  • Answer Randomization – Answers to multiple choice questions can be randomized/shuffled so they are presented differently for different students. (Note: In Quizzes this is one setting for the entire quiz; in Quizzes.Next this is a per-question setting.) Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Present Questions One at a Time – This can make it more difficult for students to “collaborate” if questions are also randomized. An additional option can prevent students from going back to previous questions, which can further strengthen the integrity of the exam, but can also frustrate students who legitimately realize they made a mistake on a previous question and wish to correct it. Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Shuffle Questions (Quizzes.Next only) – This will present the quiz questions to students in random order. Quizzes.Next
  • Question Randomization with a Question Group/Item Bank – Drawing questions randomly from a pool (or pools) can make it even more difficult for students to productively share questions during an exam. Keep in mind that if your pool contains more questions than the number of questions you are drawing from the pool to go into the exam, you need to be careful about maintaining consistency of the questions within the pool (both in terms of outcomes measured and difficulty of the questions). Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Calculated (Formula) Questions – Formula questions can include a range of values for one term/variable. Thus, the same question will have unique answers across different quizzes, but the question can still be auto-graded. Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Require Presentation of ID – if you are not using a physical proctoring center, but you would like students to demonstrate that the person taking the test is the person enrolled in your class, one suggestion is to have students record a brief video holding a picture ID next to their face. If you use Proctorio, this step can automatically be included when enabling video proctoring; if you don’t, you could add an Essay question that directs students to access their webcam through the Rich Content Editor and record this. Of course, this requires students to have a webcam (and still wouldn’t prevent the student from doing this, then having someone else complete the rest of the exam). Quizzes | Quizzes.Next
  • Restrict Computer Activity During Exam – Technology such as Proctorio enables faculty to require that student’s computer and browser are “locked down” during an exam, preventing students from opening other browser windows or applications, taking screen captures, etc. This requires specific technology on the student computer. Note that Proctorio as of fall 2018 works only with Canvas Quizzes, not Quizzes.Next.



Proctorio is an online exam proctoring and security tool. It is available for use in Canvas courses by instructor request. Proctorio requires both instructors and students to access Canvas using the Google Chrome browser. As of fall 2018, it works with Canvas Quizzes but not Quizzes.Next. Its primary features are:

  1. Locking down the student’s computer when tests are being taken in Canvas so that the student must stay in Canvas and is unable to switch to other websites or programs.
  2. Recording the video and sound (requires student to have a webcam/mic) during test-taking in Canvas; the recording is automatically analyzed for anomalies that could indicate cheating behaviors; anomalies are flagged for review by the instructor.

Feature #1 can be used on its own, if the video-based proctoring is not desired.

You may also be interested in tips on designing “less cheatable” courses and assessments.

Getting Started with Proctorio

  • To use Proctorio in Canvas, you (and your students, when completing assessments that integrate Proctorio) MUST use the Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio extension.
  • To obtain the MCC version of the Proctorio extension for Chrome, instructors must contact Karen Turpin and/or Jim Julius. (Students will be informed how to install the extension on their personal computers once the instructor has added Proctorio to their course. MiraCosta computer labs already have the Proctorio extension enabled in Chrome.)
  • Once you have installed the Proctorio extension in Chrome, in Canvas you will see a message at the top of the screen the first time you access each course you are teaching. The message asks you if you want to use Canvas with that course.
    • If you do activate Proctorio within a course, you will also be asked if you wish to add some Proctorio resources to your course (practice quiz, student guide added in the Pages area). A faculty guide will be added in the Pages area and it will automatically open.

Helpful Resources

  • Proctorio FAQs
  • Proctorio Guide produced by the Online Education Initiative with an overview of Proctorio’s options and settings.
  • Additional step-by-step guides become available to you and your students after you activate Proctorio within a Canvas course. See above for details on how to do that.

Getting Help

Proctorio email support: support@proctorio.com

Proctorio phone support:
Faculty – 1-760-209-1110 or 1-855-407-1393
Students – 1-760-227-7129 or 1-855-530-0985

Also, once the Proctorio extension (Secure Exam Proctor) is installed in Chrome, it becomes active for faculty and students when they access a Proctorio-enabled quiz in Canvas. Clicking the shield that represents the extension provides access to live chat support and to the Proctorio support website with additional resources.

Proctorio Feedback and Tips

Proctorio has been available via the OEI to CCC schools since 2015. Some highlights of feedback from colleagues around the CCC system:

  • Some colleges are using Proctorio extensively and seem happy with it; others have run into some concerns and have chosen not to promote its use.
  • The biggest concerns about using Proctorio are:
    • Challenges for students in ensuring that they have a proper setup (using Chrome, getting the Proctorio extension installed, using a webcam and microphone if proctoring is required)
    • Challenges for students with Proctorio working properly for video proctoring if they don’t have a strong Internet connection; this can result in the computer freezing and/or exam failures.
  • There are some colleges where they say that due to the above concerns, some faculty are using just the Lockdown capability of Proctorio and not the video proctoring, meaning that students don’t have to have a webcam and mic, and the bandwidth requirements are much less.
  • The practice quiz that Proctorio will automatically add to your course is useful as a way to help ensure that students are prepared to take a real test with Proctorio, but …
  • If you decide to not use the “full” capabilities of Proctorio, but you do want to use the practice quiz that Proctorio installs in your course, you should modify the practice quiz settings to reflect only the Proctorio features you are using.
  • It’s a good idea to include the Proctorio support numbers for students (see above) in any quiz/exam directions in case they haven’t even realized they need to be using Chrome and/or they have not yet installed the Proctorio extension within Chrome.
  • At least one college recommends against enabling the Record the Room option (awkward and disruptive during exam-taking) and the Force Completion option (will require instructor intervention to reset the test if there is any Internet connection issue during the test).
  • Students cannot use a mobile device to complete a Proctorio-enabled Quiz.
  • As of fall 2018, Proctorio works with Quizzes only, not Quizzes.Next .



Canvas Student View vs MCC’s Sample Student Account

This site explains the difference between the Canvas student view tool and MiraCosta College’s sample student account.

Canvas Student ViewStudent View

You can view a course the same way that your students view your course without logging out of your instructor account. Enabling Student View creates a ‘Test Student’ in your course. You can activate Student View in your Course Settings.

View Canvas Student View Guide

To see the student’s perspective on Canvas, use Student View to view the course, post and reply to discussions, submit assignments, view grades, view people, view pages, view the syllabus, view quizzes, view the calendar, and view the scheduler.

What Does Not Work in Canvas Student View

Attendance, conferences, conversations, collaborations, differentiated assignments, groups, LTI tools, peer reviews, and profiles do not work for the Test Student. Also, you will see only what you, as the instructor, allow your students to see.

Sample Student Account

At MiraCosta College all faculty have a separate sample student user added to their Canvas course. This is a separate account from your primary MCC faculty login account. The sample student account needs to be reset two times a year at the same time your employee password is reset.

With the sample student account all course content and tools that you have enabled for your students will work. This includes taking attendance, conferences, conversations, collaborations, differentiated assignments, groups, LTI tools, Turnitin assignments, and peer reviews.

Reminder: You must publish your course and you must publish the course content or tool within Canvas before you can access it with your sample student account. Your sample student account has the same course permissions as your enrolled SURF students.

Sample Credentials

Add -student to the end of your MCC faculty login account. This will be your sample student account.

Example Log On:   kturpin-student
Password: Contact the Employee Helpdesk at (760) 795-6850 for a password for first time users.

Substitute kturpin for your MCC faculty login and add -student

Password Reset

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