Class Climate in Canvas

If you are being evaluated during the Fall 2021 semester you will need to have the Class Climate Surveys course menu item available in Canvas. This course menu option was available by default in your blank Canvas course shell, however if you modified your course navigation menu you may have hidden it. You must enable it so that students can access your course evaluation survey.

Class Climate Surveys in a Blank Canvas Course Shell

This is the default location of the Class Climate Surveys course navigation menu item in Canvas. If you have not made any changes to your course navigation menu this is where you and your students will find the course evaluation surveys.

Enabling the Class Climate Surveys Course Navigation Menu Item

If you edited your Canvas course navigation menu, you will need to add the Class Climate Surveys navigation menu item back to your Canvas course. This is necessary so that you and your students will be able to access your course evaluation in Canvas.

  1. Click on Settings. You will find this as the last option on your course navigation menu.
  2. Click the Navigation tab.
  3. Find the Class Climate Surveys option in the bottom list of hidden navigation items.
  4. Drag Class Climate Surveys from the bottom list to the top list of available items.
  5. Click the Save button

Class Climate Surveys are now accessible in your course from the main course navigation menu.

Student Directions

These directions are for SURF enrolled students within your course.

  1. Click Class Climate Surveys in the course navigation menu
  2. Click the green arrow to enter the survey on the Class Climate page

*Note: The Class Climate Surveys menu item will NOT work within your Canvas Sample Student or the Instructor’s Student View in Canvas as those accounts are not SURF enrolled users within your course. Class Climate Surveys will only display to the instructor in your Canvas Instructor view.