MiraCosta Faculty Support: Thursday, March 26

Remote Instruction MiraCosta College

Good morning, MiraCosta faculty! We’re on day 4 of our 5 day workshop sprint. How are your preparations going? Ready for a boost? Check out a workshop today, or pop in for some online 1-1 support with a colleague! Check out the details below…

Today (Thursday), in our Zoom meeting for online workshops (same Zoom link for all workshops, all day, all week!) 

9 – 10 AM – Virtual Coffee Hour

Join colleagues for socializing, brainstorming, Q&A, demonstrations, and Zoom practice.

10am – 12pmCanvas Course Design Overview – Robert Kelley

The workshop covers an approach to effectively set up a Canvas Course. You’ll see a step-by-step walk through in how to design a course using Canvas – with a discussion of both pedagogy and technology. Note that there are many ways to set up a Canvas Course – what you will see is just one possibility – but enough to get you started

12pm – 1pmLibrary Resources – Librarians

This session will go over the library’s online resources and how to incorporate them into your courses. We will also have time for individual q & a.

1pm – 3pmScreencasting – Robert Kelley

Screencasting enables you to ‘Show and Tell’ You can record and share with your students whatever you wish to display on your computer screen, while you are talking about it (e.g. using a microphone). Screencasting is a great way to share mini-lecturettes, make quick replies to students, demonstrate a method, or provide students with feedback on their assignments/quizzes. Importantly, you’ll get hands on experience with how to do this easily and for free!

3pm – 4pmMaking the Most of Canvas Discussions – Sean Davis

During this interactive workshop, we will participate in different kinds of discussions using the tools in Canvas and Zoom.
This workshop will cover:

  • How to set up a Canvas Discussion Forum
  • Using Zoom in tandem with Canvas Discussions
  • Learn how to put students into groups (and have them self-enroll in groups) and facilitate a group discussion
  • Using SpeedGrader to assess discussions

4 – 5 PM – Virtual Happy Hour

Join colleagues for socializing, brainstorming, Q&A, demonstrations, and Zoom practice.

Also today, 1-1 support is available in Zoom from 10 am – 4 pm and 7 – 10 pm – connect with volunteer colleagues to help you think through your technological and pedagogical shifts!

Remember also:

Keep on keepin’ on,

– Sean and Jim