Instructional Continuity Prep Week Day 3 – Schedule of Events for Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Remote Instruction MiraCosta College

Hello, Faculty Community! 

We had have had two great days of learning as we transition to remote instruction next Monday! We are ready for a Wednesday filled with plenty of support from our fellow faculty members with both 1-1 help and a full slate of workshops running continuously throughout the day. 

We hope to see you in Zoom. 🙂 

9 – 10 AM – Virtual Coffee Hour

Join colleagues for socializing, brainstorming, Q&A, demonstrations, and Zoom practice.

10am – 12pmCanvas Basics: Announcements, Modules, Assignments, Messages, and Grades with James Garcia, Sean Davis, and Billy Gunn

This workshop is designed to give an overview of the basic tools to move classroom activities online using Canvas – announcements, class roster, your profile, messages, assignments, and grades.

12pm – 1pmStudent Services Update with Alketa Wojcik

The changing nature of going remotely is stressful and students and faculty will have many questions on student support available during this time. All student support will be available remotely and this webinar will provide some information on how we will meet the needs of the students and go over some of the FAQs that we have received from our campus community.  

1pm – 2pmTech check, Content Check, Audience Check: Strategies for Effective Online Instruction with Nadia Khan

This webinar will focus on recommendations related to online teaching and provide tips and strategies to ensure effective online instruction so that instructors feel confident before and during online instruction. Furthermore, tools and checklists will be shared to support online course development and delivery.

2pm – 3pmContent Creation for Online Instruction with Nadia Khan

This webinar will provide tools, techniques, and tips on content creation for online or remote learning. Participants will be able to understand key aspects of content creation for online audiences and look at ways of recycling existing content for online use, such as through instructional videos, screen-casts, and podcasts. 

3pm – 4pmOnline Testing in Canvas with Angela Senigaglia

This workshop will cover the “quizzes” feature in Canvas and provide participants with a walkthrough tutorial on how to set up quizzes and tests in Canvas. 

4 – 5 PM – Virtual Happy Hour

Join colleagues for socializing, brainstorming, Q&A, demonstrations, and Zoom practice.

Also today, 1-1 support is available in Zoom from 10 am – 4 pm and 7 – 10 pm – connect with volunteer colleagues to help you think through your technological and pedagogical shifts!

Remember also:

We have you have another great day of transitional prep! 

– Sean and Jim