Upcoming District Wide Zoom change : 12/21/2020 9PM : ATTENTION REQUIRED

What is happening to your Current MiraCosta Zoom Account: 

ConferZoom will migrate your current ConferZoom/MiraCosta Zoom user account and saved recordings to the MiraCosta College District Zoom account 12/21/2020 starting at 9 PM. All Zoom user accounts should be fully migrated after approximately 4 hours. 

Why is this happening: 

Currently all California Community College Zoom user accounts are hosted together, causing issues when individual districts require capabilities not appropriate for the entire CCC population. For example, Canvas can integrate directly with Zoom, providing Zoom Canvas calendar access and the ability to create and manage Zoom meetings directly from within Canvas, however with the combined CCC account this integration has been limited and prone to problems. 

How to Access your Migrated Zoom Account: 

Starting 12/22/2020 you will access Zoom via a new login link and with your MiraCosta credentials. 

  1. To access your Zoom account via the web, please click https://miracosta-edu.zoom.us and log in with your MiraCosta College employee account and two-factor authentication (2FA). We will be updating links on the MiraCosta website to reflect this new link. 
  2. To log into the Zoom app(s) both desktop and mobile: 
    1. Open the installed Zoom app. 
    2.  Select the ‘Sign in with SSO’ button or option at the app login screen 
    3. Enter our ‘Company Domain’  miracosta-edu 
      1. The full domain will show as “miracosta-edu.zoom.us” 
    4. You will be directed to our MiraCosta login portal where you will enter your MiraCosta credentials and 2FA. 

What you need to do after the migration: 

  • Re-apply any custom ZOOM security settings that you had previously applied. 
  • Convert any external embedded links, see below. 
  • If you used your ConferZoom account with multiple institutions, please check with them to verify their Zoom requirements and offerings.  

How to Convert your Current Zoom Meeting and Recording Links: 

If you have shared Zoom recording links or meeting links on a website or within Canvas, you will need to adjust each Zoom link on those pages as follows, although please note that Zoom is working on an update that will automatically redirect old links with an anticipated release date of Feb 2021. If you need people to access your recordings and/or meetings before the update is ready, please follow this step. 

In an existing meeting OR recording link replace the prefix  https://cccconfer.zoom.us with https://miracosta-edu.zoom.us 

Current Link Example 1


Modified Link Example 1


Current Link Example 2


Modified Link Example 2


MiraCosta Zoom Resources: 

If you have any questions comments or concerns about this change please feel free to contact me,  

Thank you 

Anthony Ginger 
Infrastructure Systems Engineer 
MiraCosta College