Online Ed News You Can Use Spring ’22

One month to go and so much to do! Sorry for another email, but there’s some good stuff here! I’ve tried to keep it brief – please take a quick look…

Fall Schedule Released in SURF, which means …

Professional Learning Opportunities related to online teaching

Canvas Improvement Voting

Canvas users can influence Canvas development through Idea Conversations in the Canvas Community. The CVC has curated a set of links to ideas reflecting input from Canvas users throughout California’s community colleges. Please take a few moments to review these ideas and cast your votes (the linked document includes voting instructions).

Internationalize Your Course, Virtually!

Have your students learn together with students abroad, creating a Virtual International Exchange (VIE). In a VIE, students can study, discuss, or create a project with students from another country. It is an experience that greatly enriches the learning process. If you are interested, the International Education Committee can help you with finding a partner and support you in communicating with faculty abroad, creating and implementing the project, and much more! This is applicable to any discipline. It is possible to work with every part of the world. To learn more, explore the local VIE site, and/or contact Andrea Petri ( with any questions you may have.

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education