End of Spring 2023 Online Ed Tips 

Dear MiraCosta Faculty, 

Hooray, summer is almost here! But first, some reminders and opportunities as you wrap up spring classes and begin thinking about what’s next.

Canvas End of Term

After June 6, your spring Canvas classes go into read-only mode for you and your students. If you wish to remove access to any of your course materials for your current students beyond this semester, you need to do so by then. Review our Canvas end-of-term guide for details. It also discusses what you need to do if you have any students who will receive Incomplete grades.

Support for Wrapping Up Classes and Summer/Fall Class Prep 

Please Clean Up Zoom Recordings

  • The cloud storage for our Zoom recordings is well beyond contracted capacity. If you can take some time to delete unneeded Zoom recordings, it will help us all out. Log into your Zoom account and click Recordings on the left-hand menu. Select all recordings that you do not need and delete them.
  • If you have any meetings set up for automatic cloud recording but you rarely use the recordings, consider changing that setting so that you only record what you need.

Summer Professional Learning Opportunities

  • The Online Teaching Conference is in Long Beach, June 21-23. Early bird registration has been extended through May 24. Contact me if you’re interested in funding to support your registration.  
  • There are some great @ONE online teaching self-paced courses. (Unfortunately, the facilitated summer courses seem to be full.) 
  • free online conference called Cal OER returns for its second year, Aug. 2-4. The call for proposals closes June 12. Conference registration ($25) is open now.
  • When’s the last time you explored the TIC website? Start on the tic.miracosta.edu home page and see where it leads you – there are many great resources including workshop recordings, tutorials, examples, and guidelines for online teaching.

Have a super summer!

– Jim

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education