C3-2-1 Newsletter – Week Twelve!

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OI am sending this out at 11:25pm on a Friday night – just to keep the streak alive. Also, Friday nights aren’t what they used to be…kay, I was a bit late getting this out today. Yeah, things are coming in late today…

3 resources related to teaching and learning, 2 online tips and tricks, and 1 question for reflection

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C321 Newsletter

(3) Resources

  1.  Academic Impressions
    We now have a year-long subscription to this professional development service that offers faculty learning on such topics as teaching, DEI work, online course design, and many others. There are both synchronous and asynchronous offerings. I have only started to poke around on this platform, and I would welcome any feedback from others who decide to complete some of the webinars/training. 

    Our College President included this resource in a recent update email. Here is the message from Dr. Sunny Cooke – 
    Academic Impressions: MiraCosta College employees now have access to Academic Impressions which provides extensive online leadership and professional development resources specifically for colleges and universities. Several of the training sessions address subjects such as: engaging in empathy, managing your emotional labor in the workplace, and communicating effectively in high-anxiety times (to name a few).   Log on (with your single sign on) and start learning
  2. ASCCC Webinar 
    Many faculty members are struggling with ensuring the kinds of lab-based experiences they would hope to achieve during distance learning. These sessions bring folks together to share effective tools and practices while opening up space for people to share. 

    Strategies and Effective Practices for Conducting Labs and Activities Online (Hard-to-Convert Courses) 
    Date/Time:  Monday, December 7th, 3:30-4:30pm 
    Date/time: January 7, 2021 3:30-4:30 

    As the pandemic persists, Career Technical Education faculty have taken on a heavy lift of delivering quality career education to their students.  Laboratory modifications for online environments continue to be a challenge.  This professional development session will offer resources, expert advice, and a conversation to help us all better serve our students. Bring your best ideas! 

    Dr. Lynn Shaw, Academic Senate, CTE Curriculum Director
    Jimmie Bowen, Antelope Valley College
    Audrey Le Baudour, RDEE, RHT, Santa Rosa Junior College
    Agriculture faculty member, TBA

    Register for Monday, December 7th, 3:30 – 5:00pm
    Register for Thursday, Januar
    y 7, 2021, 3:30 – 5:00pm
  3. On Course
    This organization has long been recognized as a quality professional development resource for strategies, techniques, and ideas that work toward the goal of student success. They regularly host conferences and workshops on teaching, learning, and college success skills – these events have hefty price tags. However, their newsletter archive includes helpful entries that are succinct and relevant to current challenges in higher education. 

(2) Online Tips and Tricks

  1.  Keeping Up With Your Class Using Canvas Analytics
    Using this feature, you can go beyond viewing student grades by seeing page views data, participation, and submissions. You can also track page view by date to see when students are accessing your course. This could be helpful when planning the release of content and assignments. Feels Big Brotherish – because it is. 
  2. SpeedGrader Hacks
    Okay, so I know most of us are familiar with SpeedGrader at this point. However, there may be options in this SpeedGrader that you are not using and/or aware of. Last week, James Garcia (Sociology) introduced me to the keyboard shortcuts in SpeedGrader. How could I miss that?!? Well, it is likely that there are more efficiency hacks to uncover with this essential Canvas tool.

(1) Question

If you were not online, where would you be?

Stay joyful,

Sean Davis
Joyful Teacher in Residence 
Coordinator, C3 Teaching and Learning Center