C3-2-1 Newsletter – Spring 2023 Week One

Hello, Faculty Community! 

Trust. Community. Sharing. 

These were three of the most salient principles we came up with during our Cultivating Human Connections event last week. And with that, spring has sprung, and the new semester is upon us! I trust that this semester will be filled with new opportunities for growth and success for both ourselves and our students. Let’s continue to foster a strong sense of community by sharing our knowledge and experiences with one another. Together, we can create a positive and productive learning environment that will make this semester one to remember. As we embark on this new journey, let’s remember to take a step back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride. After all, learning should be joyful, so let’s make sure to have some fun along the way! 

Wishing you all a wonderful end to the first week and a fantastic semester ahead.

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(3) Resources

  1.  APIDA Ally Training – As important as ever. A brief description of this offering from the organizers: 

    We want to add to that Spring excitement by inviting you to participate in MiraCosta’s Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Ally Training on Canvas! 

    This upcoming session will begin in Week 3, which starts on February 6th. The first thirty MiraCostans to sign up here by February 3rd will comprise this cohort. If we fill up, then we can add you to the waitlist for the next cohort. The APIDA Ally Training is a DEqCC-approved, FLEX-eligible six-week asynchronous Canvas course that asks for an approximately two-hour commitment each week. Through a collection of videos, articles, images, and interactive discussion board forums, this training is designed to enhance participants’ awareness of diverse APIDA histories, cultures, identities, and responses to recent influxes of anti-APIDA hate crimes. 
  2.  MiraCosta Online Mentor support – MiraCosta Online Mentor faculty are ready to support you with 1-1, on-demand support 
  3. The Writing Center – Lots of cool and helpful services are provided here! 
    Jessica Perez-Corona, Program Manager, provides this invitation (and resource!):

    At the Writing Center, we help students find their voices and empower themselves through their writing. Our studio model allows students to come to the Writing Center and work one-on-one with a writing consultant or coach and get feedback on their writing. We encourage students to also check in with their professors for further clarification and direction. Students are welcome to use the Writing Center as a study space to work independently on their assignments.

    The Writing Center also has an impact on student success and retention rates. Specifically, in Spring 2022, our data shows that students who used the Writing Center were 14% more likely to succeed than their peers who did not use our services.

    Writing Center Canvas Page 

    If you’d like a page in your course with all Writing Center links, you can import the Writing Center Spring 2023 page from Canvas MCC Commons. If you’ve never imported from the Commons here’s a video that shows you how. Be sure to be logged into Canvas first.   

(2) Tips & Tricks

  1. Pronto is an incredible mobile-friendly and Canvas-integrated messaging platform that’s ready to use in every course.
  2.  Ally automatically converts content you share through Canvas into multiple formats for students, allowing for listening rather than reading and better access to content on mobile devices.

(1) Question

How do you build relationships with your students in your classroom/counseling sessions/library?

Stay joyful,

Sean Davis
Joyful Teacher in Residence 🙂
Coordinator, C3 Teaching and Learning Center
Sociology Department Chair