Blackboard Ally

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Blackboard Ally is a tool that integrates seamlessly into Canvas and focuses on making digital course content more accessible by automatically converting course content (files) uploaded into Canvas into multiple formats for students to select from. This tool has been made available through the CCC Chancellor’s Office until September 30, 2020.

Faculty Instructions

Ally First Steps Guide for Instructors in Canvas –Blackboard Ally first steps guide to help instructors learn about and improve the accessibility of their files within the context of their Canvas course.

Ally Instructor Feedback: Canvas LMS – Identify and correct accessibility issues with your Canvas course content. Learn about accessibility issues, why they matter, and how to fix them with Ally’s Instructor Feedback.

Instructions for your Students

How to Use Ally as a Student – The following video explains how students convert content into accessible content such as Tagged PDF versions, HTML versions, ePub versions, electronic braille version, and the audio version.

Ally First Steps Guide for Students – Alternative accessible formats from pages in Canvas