C3-2-1 Newsletter – End of the Semester Edition

Hello, Faculty Community! 

***You are receiving this newsletter because you are a faculty member at MiraCosta College. I, Sean Davis, am the coordinator of our C3 Teaching and Learning Center***

Lots of local workshops being offered to help us out. People are amazing, right? We just keep going. Pretty remarkable.

3 resources related to teaching and learning, 2 online tips and tricks, and 1 question for reflection

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C321 Newsletter

(3) Resources

  1. Get some rest.
  2. You have done a lot. Celebrate.
  3. Be safe and I hope you stay healthy.

(2) Online Tips and Tricks

  1. Try to limit the time online when possible.
  2. Rest always makes for better work later. Those things you’re thinking about can probably wait.

(1) Question

As we take a moment to look back at this semester to chart a path forward, how can we take better care of ourselves so we can come back stronger and better in the spring?

You have done a lot. Teaching and learning have not stopped – it has simply transformed, and we should be proud of how we have adjusted and persisted this year. 🙂

Stay joyful,

Sean Davis
Joyful Teacher in Residence 
Coordinator, C3 Teaching and Learning Center