Transition to Remote Instruction: Workshop Schedule – STARTS Monday, March 23

Remote Instruction MiraCosta College

Dear Faculty,

Thanks to an outpouring of support from our colleagues who are willing to volunteer their time, effort, and expertise, we are pleased to present you with the schedule of events for the Instructional Continuity Professional Development Week. We have a full slate of online workshops, one-on-one (1-1) support, external offerings, and additional resources for you to review here.  

Online Workshops via Zoom

Our week of training and faculty support starts tomorrow – Monday, March 23. There is a full schedule of workshops Monday through Friday that runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm, featuring sessions focusing on Canvas, Zoom, Equity in Remote Instruction, the Library, Student Services, Academic Support, and much more. 

Please review the first schedule on the MiraCosta Faculty Support for Instructional Continuity training schedule for all the details. 

You can enter the online sessions at any time during each day. We have one Zoom meeting that will be used for all of the online sessions. Each workshop will be recorded and made available on the schedule by the end of each day. 

You can enter the online workshops at any time using this link – MiraCosta Online Workshop Meeting.

Each day in this meeting will begin with a Virtual Coffee Hour (Tuesday through Friday) from 9 to 10 am and end with a Virtual Happy Hour (Monday through Friday) from 4 to 5 pm. The purpose of these sessions is for brainstorming, sharing, Q&A, Zoom practicing, and course tours. 

1-1 Drop-in Canvas and Course Design via Zoom

We have a fantastic group of MiraCostans who have volunteered their time to serve with one-on-one (1-1) support. The week is filled with willing contributors, and we hope you take advantage of the assistance these folks are willing to provide. The 1-1 support schedule is intended for MiraCosta faculty looking for guidance in the use of Canvas, preparing for remote instruction, and teaching online. Those planning to be online during any given hour are listed on the schedule. The Zoom meeting includes breakout rooms so that help-seekers can go into their own online space with the person providing support. 

Please review the second schedule on the MiraCosta Faculty Support for Instructional Continuity training schedule for all the details on 1-1 support. 

You can enter the drop-in support sessions at any time by entering the 1-1 Drop-in Canvas and Course Design Support Zoom meeting. Support sessions are being offered from 10 am – 4 pm and 7 pm – 10 pm daily, with additional sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

*Phone 1-1 support is also being offered by several faculty members. Scroll below the 1-1 schedule for names, phone numbers, and availability* 

External Webinars and Other Support

We have begun to compile a schedule of external support for the transition to remote instruction. While these webinars run concurrent with our local support offerings, we want to provide a breadth of options so folks can get the appropriate training that is most pertinent to their situation. We will post the recordings of these workshops when/if they become available. 

Please review the third schedule on the MiraCosta Faculty Support for Instructional Continuity training schedule for all the details (scroll way down!). 

Faculty Support – By Department 

Please review the MiraCosta Faculty Support for Instructional Continuity spreadsheet if you’re looking to connect with a departmental colleague for support. If you’re willing to provide such support but don’t appear on the sheet, please let us know so we can add you!

FAQs for Faculty

We want to make sure you are aware of the Remote Instruction FAQs for Faculty document. Here you will find answers to questions on schedule changes, support for the transition to remote instruction, student support services/resources, and facilities/technology access. 

If you have a question that does not appear here, please submit your inquiry to the Questions About Instructional Continuity at MiraCosta College form.

Canvas Site with Guidance and Resources

Please remember to review the Canvas site on Instructional Continuity and Taking Classroom Activities Online (be sure to click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page for more information and resources – including the Primary Online Support Resources). 

Open-ended Sharing Opportunity

Finally, if you want a space to share resources, vent, connect, and get some ideas, please visit and contribute to the Open-ended Instructional Continuity Sharing for MiraCosta Faculty document. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you during this busy week of transition. We will be sending a daily early-morning email with a breakdown of the day’s events and links to the previous day’s recorded sessions. 

With appreciation,

Jim and Sean