Canvas to Canvas Course Copy vs. Blackboard to Canvas Import Tool

MiraCosta College is transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas. Starting in summer 2018, Canvas will be the sole supported course management system for MiraCosta classes.

Canvas to Canvas

If you are teaching with Canvas, and/or you have created content within a Canvas course you can copy the entire course or parts of the course from one Canvas course to another.

Blackboard to Canvas

When moving your course from Blackboard to Canvas, it is recommended to only export parts not all of your Blackboard course.

These documents will help explain the process.

Tools from Blackboard that can be imported to Canvas

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Discussion Boards – Only discussion prompts will transfer over.
  • Tests, Surveys and Pools – These will transfer and be located in the Quizzes section of Canvas. Only multiple choice, fill in the blanks, essay, matching, numerical and formal will transfer. If not supported by Canvas, the question becomes a text only question.

For the rest it is best to recreate as the structure of Canvas is so different from Blackboard. If you import content areas into Canvas from Blackboard the result is often a giant unmanageable mess to cleanup.

We have training classes and videos with ideas for Canvas. Check out the Canvas Information & Resources page.

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