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The S.A.F.E. Topics Podcast has released the second episode of season two today on the topic of “Leaders.” This episode delves into what leaders and leadership are all about from some very qualified and talented faculty members. Also, they are fantastic leaders! 

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Here are the Details!

Leaders: A one-word conversation with faculty

In this second episode of The S.A.F.E. Topics Podcast, we explore the dynamic and fluid concept of leaders. Our hosts Sean and curry are joined by Maria Figueroa (Chair of Letters), Luke Lara (Counseling and Academic Senate President), and Joe Salamon (Physics Chair) in an unscripted conversation about issues related to one word, “leaders.” 

What to listen for:

  • Challenging patriarchal/male-dominated leadership structures
  • Looking toward a collaborative, compassionate, and reflective leadership
  • Understanding how one’s background influences their outlook of leadership
  • Reflecting on our ancestry through family and cultural backgrounds of leadership
  • The necessity of trusting leaders
  • Strategizing as collectives and engaging faculty of color to talk about equity and our students
  • The Latinx cultural personal approach that one is invited into leadership by elders
  • The difference between the academic senate and department chair 
  • Communities of practice – filling the gaps of AB705
  • The journey of conocimiento from Gloria Anzaldúa’s work
  • What does it mean as a counselor on a micro level as a leader and conversations with students?
  • Moving away from traditional modes of conditioning – Paulo Freire’s “Banking System”
  • Leadership hoarding
  • How should students be leading right now in this day and age?
  • “Knowing that you don’t know something but you can know about it.”
  • Having more empathy being key
  • Observing the Black Lives Matter movement and youthful leaders arising
  • Learn from what our students are doing now and honoring those that have come before us.

The S.A.F.E. Topics Podcast Team

curry mitchell – Faculty, Letters (Co-host)
Sean Davis – Faculty, Sociology (Co-host)
Kelly Barnett – Intern and Music Technology Student (Audio Editor)
James Garcia – Associate Faculty, Sociology (Show Notes)

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