Zoom Settings for Student Privacy

This page provides instructions on Zoom meeting settings and recording practices that will limit the inclusion of student-identifying information in recordings. This is critical to maintaining student privacy if you are planning to share a recording beyond a single class section. These practices can potentially be important even if you are only sharing recordings back with the class, in order to help limit the potential exposure of student identities and statements if a student were to inappropriately share access to a class recording outside of the class.

Zoom Settings

Sign in to Zoom with your MiraCosta College login and password. At left, click Settings on the main menu, then select the Recording tab at the top of the page. In those settings, ensure that:

  • Local recording is OFF – this will prevent participants from making their own Zoom recordings
  • Cloud recording is ON – to enable you to record Zoom meetings to the cloud. Once enabled, check the following Cloud Recording settings:
    • Enable Record active speaker with shared screen
    • Disable Record gallery view with shared screen
    • Carefully consider whether you want to enable Save chat messages from the meeting/webinar
  • Under Advanced Cloud Recording Settings make sure that Display participants’ names in the recording is disabled
  • Under Recording Notifications – Zoom clients (at bottom of the page)
    • Select All participants for both of the options (Show disclaimer to participants when a recording starts and Play voice prompt for)

Zoom Recording Practices

As noted in the Guidance for Synchronous Instruction at MiraCosta College to Protect Student Privacy document,

  • Ensure that the lesson is planned to not include student-identifying moments. Do not refer to students by their full name and, if a student happens to appear on camera, this can be edited out. Let students know you will break up your presentation to allow for specific periods of questions and discussion.
  • Consider pausing the recording for rich discussions, Q&A, student presentations, or related. Resume when your instructional presentation resumes.

Material on this page adapted from material provided by College of the Canyons.