End of Semester Blackboard Tasks for Faculty

The following are important tasks for faculty to complete at the end of each semester in Blackboard.

1.  Grade Center: Review the Student Total Column and Export your Grade Center
At the end of the semester it is important to ensure that your student grades are calculated correctly. Also, export a copy of the grade center to an Excel file so that you have it available for future student grade questions and appeals.

2.  Course Availability:  Make Your Course Unavailable
To restrict students from access to your course, change the availability of each course from on to off.

3.  Archive: Archive your Course
Download your course as a backup with students records for possible future use.

4.  my Courses Module: Rearrange the my Courses Module Display
Change how your courses display within the my Courses module. You can display by term first, and then by course name or you can organize by course name only.

5.  Exporting courses for use in the upcoming semester:
If you are exporting courses from Summer 2015 or later, follow directions found on the Export/Import from Summer15 or Later on Blackboard page. If you are exporting a Spring 15 or earlier course, see the Export/Import for Blackboard Courses from Spring 2015 and Earlier page.

Safari: How to set your browser to download the ZIP file and not unzip/extract it

Faculty that are trying to download the ZIP file that was produced during a Blackboard course export, downloads as a file folder and not a ZIP file.  An opened ZIP file will not import to Blackboard and will produce the error:

Fatal: A fatal error has occurred. The reason for the error is:

The provided package could not be expanded or contains no file data.
For more information, consult the detailed log.
Status: The operation import did not complete.

This is happens due to a setting in Safari that automatically extracts the contents of a ZIP file when it is downloaded. To  fix this and download the file in an unopened ZIP format:

  1.  Open Safari
  2.  Open the Preferences menu:
    In Mac OS X: Click Safari > Preferences
  3. In the window that opens, click General
  4. Remove the check from the box beside “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”
  5. Download the file again

Now try the Blackboard import again with the new file.

MAC - Open "safe" Files after downloading



Start of the Semester Blackboard Tasks

Welcome to the Spring 2015 semester at MiraCosta College.

If you are teaching with Blackboard make your Course Available for student view prior to or on the first day of your class.

Course Content

If you would like to reuse course content you can export it and then import it to the new course.

Sample Students

You have a sample student account on Bb enrolled in each course you teach. This is so that you can experience your course as a student would and test your course content, settings, assignments, exams, etc. Your student account username has –student appended to your usual MCC login (Example: kkorstad-student).

If you need assistance with your password contact the Employee Helpdesk at 760-795-6850.

Have a good start to the semester.

Karen Korstad
Faculty Technology Specialist

Showing a letter grade in the Blackboard Grade Center when a student’s overall score is more than 100%

When students earn more than 100% in a course, due to extra credit, the Blackboard grade center will show a score rather than a letter grade in the total column if primary display letter is selected by the instructor.

This can be fixed so that these high scoring students will see the A+ they deserve.

First go to the Grade Center in Blackboard:

Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center

Then click Manage
Select Grading Schemas

The grading schema Letter will be listed here.

  1.  Click the down arrow to the right of Letter
  2.  Select Edit.

grading schema

Update the top row from 100 to 150 or more.

grading schema 2

Click the Submit button.

Now students earning more than 100% in the class will see the A+ letter grade.

1 2