Download Blackboard Gradebook and Course Archive

MiraCosta faculty and student access to Blackboard ends on June 30, 2018. For overall details and advice on the final transition to Canvas, please see Considerations in Leaving Blackboard and Moodle.

This page demonstrates how to download the Blackboard gradebook and an entire course in case they are needed after your access to Blackboard ends. You may also view similar directions for Moodle.

Download Blackboard Gradebook

It is advised that faculty export their course gradebooks on Blackboard so that they are  available to refer to if necessary for grade challenges. (See AP 4231 (Grade Changes) for details on circumstances you may want to consider.)

Here is a short tutorial on how to export your grades from Blackboard to an Excel spreadsheet.

To ensure student privacy, keep gradebook files in a secure location such as your H: (Home Drive). AIS can assist you with the location of the H: drive for secure, backed-up campus data storage.

Download Blackboard Course Archive

Faculty can download an entire course archive from Blackboard as a backup. This file can be provided to a MiraCosta Blackboard administrator to restore with student work if necessary (through June 30, 2019). MiraCosta AIS will also maintain course archives for Blackboard courses.

A faculty member can import the archive file to another Blackboard system (such as CourseSites) or Canvas; however, it will only contain course materials and content without student data. For more information on importing a Blackboard course to Canvas, please see the migration guide from Canvas. For written steps on downloading a Blackboard course archive, see Step A on Exporting/Importing Course Content within Blackboard.

If you are looking for courses from spring 2015 or earlier, please contact Karen Turpin at 760-795-6787 or for assistance.