End of Semester Blackboard Tasks for Faculty

The following are important tasks for faculty to complete at the end of each semester in Blackboard.

1.  Grade Center: Review the Student Total Column and Export your Grade Center
At the end of the semester it is important to ensure that your student grades are calculated correctly. Also, export a copy of the grade center to an Excel file so that you have it available for future student grade questions and appeals.

2.  Course Availability:  Make Your Course Unavailable
To restrict students from access to your course, change the availability of each course from on to off.

3.  Archive: Archive your Course
Download your course as a backup with students records for possible future use.

4.  my Courses Module: Rearrange the my Courses Module Display
Change how your courses display within the my Courses module. You can display by term first, and then by course name or you can organize by course name only.

5.  Exporting courses for use in the upcoming semester:
If you are exporting courses from Summer 2015 or later, follow directions found on the Export/Import from Summer15 or Later on Blackboard page.