Turnitin assignments information for Fall 15

PLEASE NOTE: The Aug. 13 update mentioned in the message below has now been completed, and new Turnitin assignments may be created for fall 2015.


If you are planning on using Turnitin within Blackboard this fall, please read this carefully.

As a result of the Blackboard system update that occurred in June, we need to make an additional update to Turnitin on August 13.

Due to this, if you create (or already have created) Turnitin assignments in your fall Blackboard classes prior to August 13, they will not work.

After August 13, you will be able to create Turnitin assignments, but still will not be able to use Turnitin assignments copied directly into your class from previous semesters. You’ll need to re-create any Turnitin assignments you wish to reuse. Existing Turnitin rubrics will continue to be usable.

In general, our recommended practice is that faculty always create fresh Turnitin assignments each semester rather than just copying assignments from a previous semester. We also recommend the description of the assignment as a separate Blackboard item, rather than using Turnitin’s limited capabilities for the assignment description.

Please contact Karen Korstad (x6787, kkorstad@miracosta.edu) if you have questions about this.

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education