Current State of Blackboard. Please Read

MiraCosta College Faculty,

As you hopefully are aware, at the beginning of June we completed a Blackboard upgrade. This email gives a quick overview of various changes and current concerns with Blackboard, with links to learn more.

Overview of New and Updated Features in Blackboard


Read carefully how to bring content from old courses to summer and fall courses

Some YouTube features are broken now

Update: As of Aug. 13, 2015, the YouTube features are now working.

This is not due to the system upgrade, but to a YouTube change on June 3. Video Everywhere – which makes it easy to find and add YouTube videos and/or record a video directly within Blackboard – and the YouTube mashup tool are currently not working. Also, playback of videos previously added to Blackboard through the YouTube mashup tool is not working properly. Until this is fixed, the best procedure to add a YouTube video is to find it on YouTube and insert the embed code into Bb. Directions:

Email from Blackboard may look a bit different

But it shouldn’t be filtered out by some email providers anymore.  

Voice Authoring is no longer working and has been removed

Copying previously-created Voice Authoring recordings into a new course will not work. You must extract the voice records from the Blackboard archive, import them to a streaming media service, and then link or embed those in your course. We suggest 3C Media Solutions:

Voice Board issues

Copying previous Voice Boards into a new course requires separately extracting and re-adding voice recordings to the voice board. Accessing Voice Boards in the latest version of Chrome requires some extra configuration steps; details here:

Blackboard Mobile Learn app must be refreshed

On iOS, delete the Bb Mobile Learn app and re-download it from the app store; on Android, clear your app cache then relaunch the Bb Mobile Learn app. Then search for MiraCosta College.

Text Message Notifications not working

At present, Blackboard opt-in notifications via text message are not functioning. We are actively working to fix this.

Happy summer,

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education