Course Management System Semester-End Tasks

Blackboard faculty:

  • Review steps here including ensuring your grades total correctly, saving key information from your class, and copying courses into the spring.
  • Be aware that Google is planning to discontinue webcam recording in mid-January. This could mean that the “video anywhere” feature of Blackboard will no longer work at that point.

Moodle faculty:

  • Contact Moodle support for any questions about the grade book or archiving/copying current course information.
  • Remember that it is a good idea when setting up a spring class in Moodle to make the corresponding Blackboard class available and send students to Moodle from there. See Lisa Lane’s video on how to do this.
  • If you haven’t yet contacted Karen K ( to set up a spring class in Moodle, please do so ASAP!
  • Be aware that Moodlerooms will be updating our Moodle version to 2.9.3 on Dec. 29. You can learn more about 2.9.3 and, if you’d like to preview it before 12/29, contact Karen K to get access to MiraCosta’s Moodle sandbox, which has already been updated.

All faculty:

  • This spring, MiraCosta will be conducting a course management system re-evaluation, taking a close look at how well Moodle, Canvas, and the next generation of Blackboard will support MiraCosta’s strategic online education plans for the next several years. We’ll have a major Flex event on 1/19 to start the process, featuring hour-long demonstrations of each system. Look for more information in January.

Have a great break!

Jim Julius, Ed.D.
Faculty Director, Online Education