Export/Import Course Content within Blackboard

This page details how to export course content from Summer 2015 or later Blackboard courses to an archive. Previously, archives were copied back into Blackboard in order to copy a course from one semester to another; now, the archive may be imported into Canvas, although this is an imperfect process! See Considerations in Leaving Blackboard and Moodle for more information and guidance on moving from Blackboard to Canvas.

If you are looking for courses from spring 2015 or earlier, please contact Karen Turpin at 760-795-6787 or kturpin@miracosta.edu .

To copy courses within the Blackboard system, follow the directions below. As a reminder, the Course Copy feature has been disabled and you need to use the Export and Import tools.

Export your previous course

Start on https://blackboard.miracosta.edu



Step A: Export your Courseexport

  1. Enter your previous course at: https://blackboard.miracosta.edu
  2. Click Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel at left
  3. Click Export/Archive Course
  4. Click Export Package on the Action Bar
  5. Under the File Attachments area leave the defaults as is:File Attachments
  6. Click the Select All button
  7. Click Submit

After you click submit, the system begins to create the course package. When the package is complete, you will receive an email from the system.

Step B: Download the Course Package

After you complete Step A and receive the confirmation email, you can download the course package.

  1. Click Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel at left
  2. Click Export/Archive Course
  3. Click the link for the package that you want to download.
  4. Save the file to the appropriate location on your computer.

Note: Do not unzip an export package or delete files from the package, otherwise the package will not be imported correctly.

Repeat Step A and Step B for all courses you would like to export from Blackboard.

Mac Users

If your ZIP file is opening in Safari on the Mac, review these directions to resolve this issue. https://tic.miracosta.edu/safari-export-unzips-resolve/

PC Users

If your ZIP file is opening in Firefox on the PC, review these directions to resolve this issue. https://tic.miracosta.edu/firefox-pc-export-unzips-resolve/

Import your Export File to your new Blackboard Course Shell.

Courses are available at: https://blackboard.miracosta.edu 



Step C:  Import Your Course Package

  1. Enter your new course at https://blackboard.miracosta.edu
  2. Click Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel at left
  3. Click Import Package / View Logs
  4. Click Import Package.
  5. Provide the path to the course package .zip file that you created in Steps A and B, or click Browse to search for the package file.
  6. Click the Select All button for the course materials to include.
  7. Click Submit.

When the import is complete, you will receive an email from the system. After you receive the email you may return to https://blackboard.miracosta.edu and your content will be available in the course.

Repeat Step C for all courses you would like to import. Be careful to select the correct import file package you created in Steps A and B.

Technical Support

If you need assistance contact Karen Turpin at 760-795-6787 or kturpin@miracosta.edu .

How to set Firefox on a PC to not open a zip file after downloading

On a Windows PC complete the following tasks within the Firefox web browser

  1. Click Open Menu button Open Menu button on Firefox
    This button is located in the top right hand corner of the Firefox window.
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Applications
  4. Scroll down to Compressed (zipped) folder content type and click the down arrow to select the corresponding action.
  5. Choose Save File as the default file behavior
  6. Return to Blackboard and download the .zip file

Firefox will now download the file as a .zip file to your computer without opening it.


Archive your Course

The Archive Course feature allows you to archive (save a backup) of your courses that includes student records  in .zip format.  The archive course zip file is intended for backup purposes only.   You will be able to import an archive file in to any Blackboard system, however if you need the archive restored with student records, contact  Karen Korstad.

  • If you wish to save a copy of a course’s Grade Center for easier access than a course archive, see here

Course Archive Directions

  1. Enter your Blackboard course
  2. Scroll down to the Control Panel area on the left
  3. Click Packages and Utilities
  4. Click Export / Archive Course
  5. Click the Archive button.
  6. On the next page, select the check box if you want the Grade Center history to be included in the archive.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. Blackboard will generate a message “This action has been successfully queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.” Click the Ok button to confirm.
  9. Once you receive the email that your course has been archived, return to this area (see steps 1 and 2).
  10. The .zip package of your archived course should now be listed.
  11. Click on the .zip file and choose to Save it.
  12. Save zipped course to the hard drive or onto a removable storage device (Floppy, CD, Flash drive, etc.).

NOTE: Archiving a course does not remove the original from the system

End of Semester Blackboard Tasks for Faculty

The following are important tasks for faculty to complete at the end of each semester in Blackboard.

1.  Grade Center: Review the Student Total Column and Export your Grade Center
At the end of the semester it is important to ensure that your student grades are calculated correctly. Also, export a copy of the grade center to an Excel file so that you have it available for future student grade questions and appeals.

2.  Course Availability:  Make Your Course Unavailable
To restrict students from access to your course, change the availability of each course from on to off.

3.  Archive: Archive your Course
Download your course as a backup with students records for possible future use.

4.  my Courses Module: Rearrange the my Courses Module Display
Change how your courses display within the my Courses module. You can display by term first, and then by course name or you can organize by course name only.

5.  Exporting courses for use in the upcoming semester:
If you are exporting courses from Summer 2015 or later, follow directions found on the Export/Import from Summer15 or Later on Blackboard page.

CourseSites by Blackboard

COURSEsites by Blackboard logo

Host your Blackboard Courses Online Free with COURSEsites by Blackboard

With COURSEsites you can:

  1. Create up to 5 course websites, free
  2. Engage students in social learning
  3. Weave multimedia into class content
  4. Assess performance and manage grades
  5. Share open education resources
  6. Teach open courses or MOOCs on the COURSEsites open education platform.

Export a Bb Course from MCC and Import to CourseSites by Blackboard:

Technical Support

Mac Users

Safari:  How to set your browser to download the ZIP file and not unzip/extract it