Showing a letter grade in the Blackboard Grade Center when a student’s overall score is more than 100%

When students earn more than 100% in a course, due to extra credit, the Blackboard grade center will show a score rather than a letter grade in the total column if primary display letter is selected by the instructor.

This can be fixed so that these high scoring students will see the A+ they deserve.

First go to the Grade Center in Blackboard:

Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center

Then click Manage
Select Grading Schemas

The grading schema Letter will be listed here.

  1.  Click the down arrow to the right of Letter
  2.  Select Edit.

grading schema

Update the top row from 100 to 150 or more.

grading schema 2

Click the Submit button.

Now students earning more than 100% in the class will see the A+ letter grade.