Embed a YouTube Video within Blackboard with YouTube Embed Code

Embed a YouTube Video within Blackboard with YouTube Embed Code

You can embed videos directly in to Blackboard with Embed Code from YouTube.

  1. Go to YouTube at https://www.youtube.com and find the video of your choice.
  2. Click on the video to open the video on its own page.
  3. Directly below the video select Share
  4. Select Embed
  5. Select all of the embed code displayed (starting with <iframe> and ending with </iframe>) and copy it. EmbedCode

Then return to Blackboard

  1. Go to Blackboard, to any content area, select Build Content
  2. Select Add Item Build Content then Create Item
  3. Enter a name for your content item in the Name field. (this field is required).
  4. You should see 3 lines of tools in the Content Editor. If you see only 1 line (pictured below) – select the down arrow in the right corner to expand your toolbar to 3 rows of tools. 1 line content editor
  5. Click the HTML button in the 3rd row of the toolbar. HTML Button
  6. The HTML Code View window will appear. Paste your Embed code in to the HTML Code View window and select the Update button.Embed Window
  7. You are now returned to the Content Editor window. Click the Submit button.
  8. Your embedded content will now display within this content item.

Note: Some browser will require you to refresh the page to view newly embedded content.