Record from Webcam: End of Support for YouTube Webcam Recording

Video Everywhere in Blackboard

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Google has announced that the webcam capture feature will not be available on YouTube after January 16, 2016.  Some users have reported that there are already issues with this tool not working properly in YouTube.  This will have an impact on Blackboard Learn’s Record from Webcam (Video Everywhere) feature, which uses YouTube’s webcam capture feature.  While users will be able to launch the Record from Webcam tool, they will be unable to directly record new videos from their camera within the Content Editor.

Users will still be able to choose recorded videos from their YouTube libraries and add them within the Content Editor after launching the Record from Webcam tool.  To do so, they should click on the “Browse” tab.  YouTube videos already embedded into a content item with the tool are unaffected by this change.  This change affects only the Record from Webcam tool in the Content Editor; the YouTube Mashup tool is not affected.  Blackboard is investigating additional solutions to address this change.

Workaround #1:

There are still a number of ways to upload video to YouTube for use within the Content Editor. 

Windows 8+ Users:

  1. Record video using the Camera Application
  2. Upload to YouTube

Mac OS X Users:

  1. Record video using Photo Booth
  2. Upload to YouTube

iOS and Android Device Users:

  1. Open the YouTube app from your device
  2. Record video
  3. Upload to YouTube

Once uploaded, a video can be selected for embedding into the Blackboard Learn Content Editor with the Record from Webcam tool by clicking the “Browse” tab.

Workaround #2:

  • Users using the Bb Grader app for iOS are still able to add video feedback when grading because the app does not use the YouTube Webcam Capture features.

More Information 

Embed a YouTube Video within Blackboard with YouTube Embed Code

Embed a YouTube Video within Blackboard with YouTube Embed Code

You can embed videos directly in to Blackboard with Embed Code from YouTube.

  1. Go to YouTube at and find the video of your choice.
  2. Click on the video to open the video on its own page.
  3. Directly below the video select Share
  4. Select Embed
  5. Select all of the embed code displayed (starting with <iframe> and ending with </iframe>) and copy it. EmbedCode

Then return to Blackboard

  1. Go to Blackboard, to any content area, select Build Content
  2. Select Add Item Build Content then Create Item
  3. Enter a name for your content item in the Name field. (this field is required).
  4. You should see 3 lines of tools in the Content Editor. If you see only 1 line (pictured below) – select the down arrow in the right corner to expand your toolbar to 3 rows of tools. 1 line content editor
  5. Click the HTML button in the 3rd row of the toolbar. HTML Button
  6. The HTML Code View window will appear. Paste your Embed code in to the HTML Code View window and select the Update button.Embed Window
  7. You are now returned to the Content Editor window. Click the Submit button.
  8. Your embedded content will now display within this content item.

Note: Some browser will require you to refresh the page to view newly embedded content.