Blackboard Quiz/Test Issue

As midterms get started we’ve just discovered a new bug in Blackboard. When students are taking a quiz/test based in Blackboard:

  1. which includes at least one open-ended response, and
  2. which presents questions all at once (rather than one at a time), and
  3. the student is using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 or Windows 10,

the student will experience a very frustrating behavior where the test will skip the student down to the last question on the test each time Blackboard auto-saves the student’s answers.

This should not occur in a Blackboard test if any of the three conditions above aren’t true. If you are giving students a Blackboard-based test or quiz and the first two conditions are true, then it’s extremely important that you tell students to NOT use Internet Explorer as their browser when accessing Blackboard and taking the test.

If you prefer to address the problem on your end, the most effective workaround is to change the second condition by setting up the test using the question presentation option “One at a Time” rather than “All at Once”.

We are working with AIS and Blackboard to get this bug patched, and will update you if there is any change.